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I just got my Mac today and I am planning on develop an ipod app, and I got the book Beginning ipod development and I am in the 2nd chapter of the book and it told me to double click on the file that is .xib ... I double click on it and it opens up interface builder and says

"the document helloworldViewController.xib could not be opened. Interface builder cannot open files of this type"

and in the book it says I am supposed to open the file on interface builder but it wont open and I get that error, please help me I have no clue what to do.

Please help me I really want to continue with my development.

Macbook pro
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    Did you select View Based Application? If so try opening the MainWindow.xib instead.
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    I did that and i still get this message "the document helloworldViewController.xib could not be opened. Interface builder cannot open files of this type"

    I also tried to open up interface builder first and when i click the .xib file to open I still get the message.

    it is version 3.1.2 of interface builder so it should work fine but it is not

    so I still need help
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    I'm having the same problem running the example MoveMe project from the developer site. I just downloaded the dev tools yesterday. I wonder if it's a new bug?
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    I think I was just having a version conflict or something, it's working for me now. I think I had IB open already before installing the iPhone SDK.

    To the first person on this thread, did you install the iPhone SDK? It's on the apple developer site.
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    Apropos Rick's messages, the IB error you reported is most often caused by an installation or version problem. This often happens when a new SDK is installed over an older SDK, and is often fixed by removing as much of the previous SDK as possible before re-installing the new one. If you search on the text of your error message in this forum and/or Google, you'll find lots of advice on how to clean your system before installing a new SDK.

    Here's another link you should look at: [http://lists.apple.com/archives/Xcode-users/2009/Jan/msg00084.html].

    I'm also wondering what book you have. You said your book was titled "Beginning ipod development". I can't find that title on the net, so you probably didn't type the exact title. However if that is indeed to title of your book, it might be too old. So if the book came with a CD, you could have some xib files that are too old for your SDK.

    If the above doesn't apply to you, then take Rick's suggestion and get the latest SDK from the iPhone Dev Center. Then you'll need to clean your system to get rid of the previous SDK. Do this even if the previous SDK is the same one you just downloaded, because that's the best way to fix a bad installation. You should also consult the other posts on this subject that discuss permission problems. For example I think you could get IB to fail by installing as one user and then opening IB as another user.

    In any case, if you re-install, there's one step you must never omit: Rename your /Developer folder (e.g. to /OldDev).

    Hope that helps!
    \- Ray
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    Do you known the answer? I have the same question. Can you tell me?