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  • Christopher Mackintosh Level 1 (0 points)
    Thanks for the information. Unfortunately I can't access those settings because the device can't even pick up a wifi network at this point.
  • adnixon Level 1 (140 points)
    I have 2 x iPhones which have been upgraded from 3.0 to 3.01 and now 3.10 without any issues. I think that it might be an idea to visit a Genius Bar and have them resolve your issue. Sounds like hardware to me. Ant..
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    Read the post - I've been to the genius bar.

    I reluctantly tried the freezer test this morning. In a baggie and in the freezer for 10 minutes and the wifi started working again. 10 minutes of use and the wifi is out once again. Again, this problem happened the instant that I upgraded to 3.0....

    If I had to guess (and I do, since apple will not admit to fault), I would say that the phone monitors the temperature of the wifi chipset and that one of apples updates changed the specification for what is a "safe" temperature. The temperature is probably the same, but the code in the phone now sees that temp as too high and turns off the chipset.
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    @jeff33702 I agree, something changed in 3.0. The freezer test can flip the water damage indicators so be careful.

    @adnixon How is this a hardware issue if it affects 2g,3g and 3gs models at relatively the same point in time (ie iPhone OS update)?
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    Problem solving from my experience is simply the elimination of issues. In my case the WiFi issues that I have experienced and eliminated have been the Firmware on the Router and the Chipset on one of my iPhones. I have not experienced a problem with my 2 x iPhones 3G OS with 3.0, 3.01 or 3.1. As far as the iPhone Hardware that was confirmed as being the fault by a Genius Bar Apple Technician with the phone being replaced under warranty. Unfortunately I am only posting my experience not necessarily a solution.
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    I have the "no wi-fi" problem, where wi-fi settings get grayed and you can't access then to turn wi-fi on.

    Also, wi-fi MAC address is not available: "N/A".

    Have tested all Apple's recommended steps.

    iPhone is already in version 3.1 and I heard this is a product issue.

    Also heard that if you cool your iphone it will go back working for a short period.

    Unfortunatly Apple does not present an official solution.

    My phone is in warranty but the Telco operator does not have any device to exchange it for me and I am waiting for 1 month with this problem! No planned date to receive a new one, and it is only 4 months old but with no wi-fi at all!!!

    Have seen the same error on the beggining of this issue: "Could not scan for wireless networks.".

    It seems the hardware is buggy or the software is causing some damage to hardware operation. Anyway, Apple, please tell your customers what is going on and how you plan to solve it!!!

    I can't even exchange mine which doesn't make any sence!!!
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    put me on the list, i have the same questions with you guys. by the way, the battery seems runing out everyday. I have a 1G touch and these just happened my first year warranty expaired.
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    If theres a list I'm on it too! One of the main reasons I got my iPhone was to be able to go on the internet with it (because i don't have a computer to use), and it doesn't work. APPLE! FIX THIS! please.

    Occasionally it will show the name of a network, then when i try to connect it stops working as soon as it signs on.

    I'm planning on trying the freezer thing sometime....
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    Try to find the words "SWIFI iphone" in Gxxgle, I also have this problem on my 2g with 3.1.2, no wifi in grey, it is difficult to fix it.... I am still trying.
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    Hi to all u guys

    Here I found the forum it says why your iPhone gets I suggest disabling what they say in there(push mail setting)because that is getting the iPhone very hot......Because of what I have learned on this forum is that the problem is that the iPhone overheats and the chipset shutsdown so I recommend looking at this forum -0-iphone-2g.html

    Let me know if trying this solves the Problem. I also had the problem of WIFI on my iPhone 2G os 3.0 but I FIX it another ful different way..thx and let me know
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    Hi to all u guys,

    On many forums I have read that overheating of the iPhone after 3.0 upgrade is causing the WIFI not to work(and that is true!).Here is a solution to the overheating proces:>

    Had the same problem with mine and its an easy fix. I think I restored at least 10 times before I finally found the fix. Just turn off push e-mail in settings. Just set it to fetch instead. It seems the phone keeps trying to set up push e-mail and it can't if you are not a legitimate AT&T customer (AKA HAcktivated phone).My phone actually got hot on the back where the modem is located. The phone is constantly trying to get data that it can't. I noticed that if I called my voicemail from the phone but stopped it before it connected I could receivecalls for a little while. This led me to believe the modem was getting stuck. Thats how I stumbled upon the cure. Just got to settings->mail,contacts,data. Underneath your account it should say Fetch New Data. If it does not touch it and turn Push to off. Also scroll to the bottom of the page and touch advanced. Make sure your account is also set to fetch here as well. Hope that helps!

    That I found it on another forum.

    But the solution that I have found to my iPhone is here(at least untill now, for like 10 hours, of Good working WIFI on my iPhone 2G.
    I have had the same problem like u guys and many more:
    the iPhone feeling hot(overheating)
    No WIFI: the loading circle keeps searching for WIFI but never finds one
    When I try to add manually it says could not scan for networks.
    I have also had problems receiving calls and sms.
    The WIFI problem is also like this>sometimes when I turn off the iPhone for like 5 minutes and turn it back on and go straight to settings>WIFI.It finds a network(My WIFI at home,for like 5 seconds)then in those 5 seconds I try to connect to it but it doesn't connect to it just does not connect.Then right after that I try to search again for wireless networks and then again it does not find any network.I believe that the turning off of the iPhone lets the iPhone cool down and at soon as it heats up again is the WIFI gone again.

    So then here again:is how I resolved the problem.(iPhone 2G os 3.0):

    step by step:

    First I downgraded the OS to 2.2.1(if you want to know how on 2G and probably on 3G also let me know)
    Then I put the iPhone in the freezer for about 10 min and a miracle it works for 10 minutes then WIFI gone again.then I realized something so I put iPhone where the air conditioning wind comes out and let it there for 10 minutes then right right after that I plugged the iPhone in the computer and restored it with os 2.2.1 in itunes.Then after that. I put the iPhone again where the air conditioning wind comes out for 10 min then right after that I plugged it in my computer and did the Proces so I could use the iPhone in my country.Then after doing that the WIFI kept working until now(10 hours ago).Before I restored I kept putting the Iphone many times where the air conditioning wind comes out to prove to myself that the WIFI problem is because the phone overheats.Each time when I picked the Iphone after putting it where the wind comes out the WIFI was working like a charm.I did it like 5 times.

    Ok guys that was my solution.Sorry for the long post and the bad english:S

    I will let u guys know if WIFI stops working again.If you have any question just post here or ask me to windows live ID or something.Hope it helps.Let me know if it fixx the problem for somebody.
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    I just got my dad's WIFI to work. He originally had the 3.0 firmware, but I recently upgraded him to the new 3.1.3 FW and reset his network settings. The first time I did it, nothing happened, the WIFI still was not working. I tried it again, and that did the trick. It is now up and running. Hope this helps.
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    Just Google for "iPhone firmware". There are several sites that provide prior firmware.
    Save the download then "shift click" (for XP users) on the "Restore" button in iTunes and chose the firmware you downloaded (you will have to navigate to the file in which you saved the downloaded firmware).

    Here is one site, but there are plenty of others.

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    If you tried all the steps in Apples tech bulletin ( )and still no joy, try switching channels on your router and/or switching from g/b to b only. That worked for a recent poster here.
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    Contrary to my earlier post, resetting the 'Network Settings' or even 'All Settings' does not provide a reliable wi-fi fix, as this ceased to work at all for me after a few weeks of ever more frequent resetting.

    What has proved to be a longer term more reliable fix for me, has been freezing my phone - not just a short 20 or 30 minutes, but a full 4-5 hour freeze in the freezer.

    I put my phone in a ziplock bag and then put it in the freezer for 4 to 5 hours - my wi-fi has now been working reliably for about a month!