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Can anyone tell how to fix an error? I am using a simple drive 250GB hard drive to do my recording in logic express 8. LE 8 seems to allow me to record midi data, but won't allow me to record audio data. Each time I hit record in audio mode, the program freezes and an i/o error result -36 error pops up. Can someone give me a step by step way to resolve this in "LAYMENS" terms? Consider me a baby when it comes to understanding computer and its many technical terms.

NOTE: I also have my BCF 2000 control surface connected to my macbook osx, but I don't think this should have anything to do with it.

Macbook, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    Yes — you need to format your drive correctly. New drives come formatted for Windows, & then they seem to work — but not properly.

    +Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility+

    Choose one of the +Mac OS Extended+ formats.

    Obviously first you will have to back-up all the data you have already put on the drive, because it will all be lost when you re-format.
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    Hey Caramby. Do you know the answer to the question below?

    Can someone tell me why my macbook keeps glitching in the middle of playback. My CPU bars are going all the way up to the red in logic express 8 and my I/O setting is at the maximum amt. of (1024). Why would this be happening to my macbook while running everything from my external hard drive? Why/how could the CPU on my macbook be affected?
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    Technically, if your CPU meter is running high it's because your processor (CPU) is not up to the job of running all the plug-ins / Software Instruments / etc. that you're using. Make sure you disable any you're not actually using, select an Audio Track when playing back (doesn't have to have anything on it!), & Freeze or Bounce any Tracks that you can. These (and other) tricks will minimise the drain on the processor.

    RAM is the other big issue. All this stuff needs lots of RAM. If you don't have the maximum you can get for your Mac, try to get as close as you can…