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I am trying to connect my iPhone 3GS to my work Wi-Fi. I had this setup and working fine on my 1st gen iPhone, but I have been having problems with my 3GS. One suggestion was to change the proxy, or at least to check the proxy. The problem is that I can't find the proxy setting to check it. The Wi-Fi I am trying to connect to is hidden, and I need to go to the Chose Network "Other" to set it up. I know that if I tap on the blue arrow on a Wi-Fi location that is available that I can check the proxy settings, but I just wasn't sure how to do it if I can't fine the location I am looking for.

For background, when I select Other network and enter my name, security (supposed to be WPA Enterprise, tries WPS2 Enterprise), username, and password and tap join I get an error, "Could not find the network 'Name'"

Any thoughts?


MacBook, Mac OS X (10.4.11), 8GB iPhone (1st Gen) v2.0
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    You might want to change the router setting to show the network, then you'll be able to see it and set it up on your iPhone. After that, change the network back to hidden on your iPhone and the settings should be saved and it should automatically connect to the network. Let me know if that works for you.