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I've searched Help, the forum and the ATS book for this very simple function:

I want to print return address labels. In Word, it was simple, but I have eradicated all MS products from my system.

There has to be a command to print a sheet of labels where I tell the application what kind labels I'm using and what address to print then it does the rest. This is so basic, I can't believe that I can't figure it out.


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    Pages isn't designed for doing labels. My guess (& it's only a guess), is that, since labels can be printed directly from Address Book, doing labels in Pages wasn't considered a priority. You could make your own, but there isn't a template. If you're planning to merge from Address Book, remember that Pages will only merge one name per page. Check iWork Community for user-contributed templates or templates created for Word on Avery's site. I believe it is also possible to create labels online on Avery's site.

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    Thanks Peggy

    The problem with printing from Address Book is that there's no option to print an entire page of the same label- which has always left me scratching my head.

    I would think that almost everyone needs this function, and Word (the application I hate most) has had it since the Nineties.

    I can use the Avery templates, but each cell has to be populated manually- a big PIA. Same is true of any user created iWork templates.

    I tell clients all the time that if they have Pages they don't need Word for anything. I might need to rethink that.

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    I think it can be done in Pages without too much difficulty. The hardest part is getting each label to line up with your label stock correctly. This is a problem I've had no matter what program or template I use. Once I get one set up so that it prints correctly, I save it as a template so I don't have to "reinvent the wheel" each time.

    You can use a word processing or page layout document or, even, a Numbers document for your labels. Insert a table (no row or column headers) & make it the number of rows & columns to fit your label stock. Type the name & address in the upper left cell (use Option + Return to create the additional lines in the cell). Now click on the tiny circle at the lower right of this cell & drag down to fill all of the rows. Then click the circle at the lower right of the bottom cell (all cells should still be selected) & drag right to fill the columns. You will probably have to "tweak" the cell size settings in the inspector & print a few times (use plain/scratch paper) until you get it just right.

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    Thanks for taking the trouble to answer. It's a work around I was trying to avoid, but at least I know the functionality isn't there so I can stop looking for it.

    I'm going to make a feature request. This should be in either Address Book or Pages. I would not expect this functionality to be in a pro layout App like InDesign or Quark because of the bloat factor. However, I did expect to be in a consumer level App like Pages.

    thanks again
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    I meant for the points to go to Peggy
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    Hi DLS

    I had a friend ask me this very question yesterday and searched Discussions to find everyone asking this question...

    I then went to downloads and found a link to this site:

    It seems pretty simple. Choose the Avery label you are using, and follow instructions for Autofill. There is also an option for manual.

    I tried filling out the labels and it was pretty easy! I did not print since I am out of paper LOL

    but it should work fine for what you need.

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    Thanks Chris

    I'll give it a shot.

    Still disappointed in the Apple Application Engineers for not building this in somewhere. I think I agree with Peggy that Address Book is where it makes the most sense.

    Thanks again
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    Avery deliver a free application.


    Pages '09 is able to print return labels from datas embedded in a Numbers doc.
    It requires a bit of trickery but all required items are available for free on my iDisk:


    For_iWork:iWork '09:forNumbers09:forlabels.sparseimage.zip

    Yvan KOENIG (from FRANCE mercredi 24 juin 2009 21:44:18)
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    Easiest solution I've found is duplicate your own address 79 times (for Avery 8167) and highlight the 80 entries. Print the mailing labels. Select all but your original address and delete the 79 that you just created.
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    The easiest method I've found, without purchasing or installing new software is to use the label template in Word. It has very flexible printing options. Just copy the contact info from Address Book, and paste into the label template. You cans select how many copies to print, and your label size/layout. It would be nice to do this right in Address Book. This is not exactly an esoteric feature for a contact manager application.
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    Thank you so much. I was having so much trouble. I am able to create labels on windows in no time. But on my mac it was crazy. I spent two days trying to work this out. The label website is great! One question how can you center the text once you type it.