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    Allan Sampson wrote:
    Yes, really.

    Who was talking about tethering plans and rates?

    This is in regards to data plan rates for phones in the smart phone category, not tethering plans.

    You should read a little more carefully.

    smartphone tether plans are data plans... in fact it's a plan i am waiting on (i am hoping they fix the prices for iphone compared to their other smartphone tether plans) i have to carry around my winmo phone for tethering at this point... i suppose its better this way i have 2x the networks for redundancy (sadly i also have 2x the bills )
  • Allan Sampson Level 10 (123,405 points)
    smartphone tether plans are data plans...

    Really? No kidding.

    This was not what I referred to. Copied from my post that you decided to jump in on which has NOTHING to do with tethering and which the person I replied to was not referring to.

    I have checked unlimited data plan rates *for phones in the smart phone category* with the major carriers in the U.S., and I don't see where AT&T's unlimited data plan rate *for phones in the smart phone category* is horribly expensive compared to their competition.

    There is no tethering plan for the iPhone, and there is no unlimited tethering plan offered for a phone that supports tethering by any carrier. And there are some "dumb" phones that support tethering. The word tethering was not included by the person I responded to, and I did not include the word tethering with my reply. Once again, this is in reference to data plan rates for phones in the smart phone category. And the iPhone's data plan is truly unlimited - there is no 5GB limit with the iPhone's data plan as AT&T includes with other smart phones and as included by other carriers for phones in the smart phone category. This was not comparing tehthering plans. The iPhone requires a data plan, but does no require a tehthering plan, which isn't available for the iPhone anyway.
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    I too have noticed the 3G S battery life was significantly less then my iPhone 3G. i went to the genius bar at the Apple store and the "genius" told me it was because I had wifi enables, location services enabled, 3 G enabled, and push enabled. He tried to tell me to disable 3G whenever I'm in an ares 3G is not available or the signal is weak, and then tried to tell me to disable wifi when wifi is not around. I was like huh? all the settings were the same as my 3G but they were blaming it on stuff that just sounded canned and like they were trying to pass the buck,
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    Hmmmm started out as a discussion on batteries and now people are discussing plans and tethering, guess thats what happens when the threads get to long.......

    Hey have you all heard MJ died?
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    Yes, so back on topic. HAS Apple acknowledged the battery problem with the new 3Gs? It seems there are articles galore out there discussing either heat or longevity issues which ALL seem to point back to a battery problem. l,0,2546606.story

    ....just a few.
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    I just dont understand apple with the battery problem.

    Apple are in the 3rd phase with the iphone and it strikes me, they have learnt nothing from the previous models of the iphone and the issue with the battery.

    Why oh why are apple intent on sticking flipping non user replaceable batterys in these things?

    Surely, it makes sense, to have a user replaceable battery on something that requires as much power as the iphone seems to need? That way, the user could buy, 2 or 3 spare batterys, and carry them around with them.

    All this rubbish about make sure this is turned off, do resets, clear this that and the other, just so you can preserve battery life is a load of rubbish! Whats the point of having all these features if you dont have the power to run them?

    Their is no reason why the iphone should have a sealed, non user replaceable battery, its not like the iphone is water resistant or anything.

    I just think apple are so far behind and so out of touch, I mean, it took the 3rd generation of iphone to come out before the iphone could do things most phones have been doing for 10 odd years so I doubt apple will get a grip of the iphone any time soon!

    The best thing apple could do now, is MAKE THE BATTERY USER REPLACEABLE!

    I think that would solve a lot of people gripes and might make the iphone a contender, at the moment, is nothing more than a 5 min wonder (8 min wonder if you turn wifi off and 10 min wonder if you do a reset) lol

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    OMG... Milton Jacobs died?
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    i thought i post how my battery has been doing:
    On the day i got it, i quickly charged it to 100% and drained to 0%. Did this two more times after. Last night i plugged my phone in for a charge when it was at 30%.
    Took out of the charger this morning and used it average i guess.
    Location services: on
    3G: off
    Wifi: on
    bluetooth: off
    Email :Fetch 30min

    ^ and that is basically what i ended up with. I had music running in the background most of the standby time.
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    I have the same set up and everything from my 3G and my new 3GS battery life is horrible. I just drained it, something that used to be very hard to do and will try to charge it for 10 hours then drain it again to see if that helps if not I'm taking it back and exchanging it. Seems to be something happening a lot. So far I love Apples customer service as they replaced my 3G when the back was cracking and the silent button fell off I hope they are just as good about my battery problem.
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    What happened to this battery test topic/thread you created?
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    aml2009 wrote:
    What happened to this battery test topic/thread you created?

    Apple Discussions Staff deleted it. They said it was considered a poll which is against forum rules.
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    I was charging my iPhone in the car today using a griffin incar charger and the battery went from 69% to 50 to 23. Strange things are happening with this phone. 1st time it's done it so I can't even prove it to anyone but I saw it with my own eyes. Mad
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    The most likely possibility is that the Griffin charger is not compatible with the phone. Older Griffin chargers are not. Another is that the charger wasn't pushed in all the way, or had a blown fuse.
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    Apple did something very very clever by making this percent battery meter on device available. They are getting very very detailed user information reports on usage, habits, etc.....

    I also remember that it took awhile for the firmware upgrades to help the 2G battery life and would expect things to improve some in the next few upgrades to 3.0 on the 3GS.

    One thing I have found that works great is to try and do as much as possible with WEB APPS as opposed to iPHONE APPS. The apps on the iphone use ALOT of power running and jumping in and out of. You can watch a few percent bleed faster than it takes to cook a piece of toast.
    Everyone was saying how nice multitasking is on the Palm Pre but if you notice it looks almost like working within Safari and using the different 'pages'. The Palm Pre swipes up and away and the iPhone is left to right. And of course the iPhone screen is bigger and you don't have those tiny mechanical keys to try and type on.
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    The car charger was recomended by o2. Anyway the battery ended up totally dying in the car, the started charging. The charger worked in another car too so I doubt its the problem.

    Even now, i've had my 3gs on charge all night only to wake up and see 98%. I have a activity status program and it says 'battery status - 98% discharging'

    it's now dropped to 84%. This is wierd. Frustrating to say the least.