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    I'm having the same problem like the OP. My battery just literally dropped 4% and died while i was trying to write a post to this forum, it wasn't long by any means. I am using wifi, have 3g and push off. And it has been running out quick since i got it. I never have 3g and push on. The most I ever use apps at one time is like 3 min, and the most i've been on the phone all day is 20 min. And I am getting 4 1/2 hours life time. That is half of what is supposed to be clocked for wifi web browsing. I am not accusing apple of lying, I just want it to be fixed. It is a problem, and it most definitely is not just overuse and not having settings right. I have read the battery thing on this website, and i have done the full dead/recharge thing since i got it, to no prevail

    If the battery logger thing is actually real, can someone from apple please send it to me.

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    I too am having battery problems with 3GS. I can barely get half a day from normal usage. The suggestion to turn off features is not really acceptable to me. If you turn of 3G, WiFi, GS, push etc., why buy this phone? I also use the Blackberry Bold for work and could go 2-3 days with 3G, WiFi, GPS and push email on.

    There's a real issue here, maybe not with 100% of the phones, but it's significantly widespread enough to warrant a solution from Apple. There is something disingenuous about Apple touting all of these features but then recommending that you shut most of them off so that your PHONE can last a whole day.
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    I have the 3Gs and I am also having battery issues. I have had the original iphone and the 3G. Also my usage of this phone has not changed since I moved from the 3G to the 3Gs. I have determined what is causing the drain on my 3Gs and its the PUSH for Exchange. If I turn off the PUSH feature for my exchange account the battery returns to normal. I had the exact same setup on my 3G and did not have this issue. I have done a full restore and removed and re-added the exchange account. If anyone has any tips to fix this problem I would appreciate it. Also when PUSH is enabled the phone is warm to the touch.
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    I am also having the battery drain issue. It just stays 3-4 hours after full charge.

    With my phone too the exchange PUSH is the cause. After turning it off its back to normal.

    But i would like to have PUSH on. Any help before I go to genius bar?
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    It seems that there are 2 different battery problems with the iPhone 3GS:

    1. not really a problem, just new phones which are being used intensively, and a battery indicator calibrated differently. Conditioning the battery and stop staring at the battery level might help;

    2. the Exchange Push problem. It seems that many people doing a backup/restore of a configuration from an iPhone 3G to a 3GS with an Exchange Push account are having this problem, as the iPhone gets into an endless loop polling the Exchange server, the phone becomes hot, and the battery is drained within 4 hours.

    The solution to problem 2 so far seems to be deleting the Exchange account from the iPhone and re-creating it from scratch.
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    Could some of you be a bit more clear with your battery drain times? When some of you say 4 hours or whatever, are you looking at the general->usage setting's "usage"? I feel I may also have one with poor battery life.

    I've cycled the battery twice since purchase (down to the battery charge sign). Currently I'm stiting at 18%(red) at 3 hours and 40 minutes of usage, 13 hours of standby.

    My girlfriend's 3GS seems to do better sitting at 24% with 4 hours and 21 minutes of usage, 26 hours of standby. Her's is obviously better and she only cycled twice as well.

    I don't have any exchange servers setup. Both of our settings are the same with 3G, wifi, etc all on. Push is off with manual fetching. Brightness is half way with auto adjust on. What is everyone else seeing as their usage/standby at the end of the day? I'm confident everyone's usage pattern is generally similar since people are usually gaming or mapping or browsing, which takes about the same amount of power.

    Please list your standby/usage at the end of the day so we can all compare what is actually average. I want to know if I'm even in a position to complain to apple. Perhaps what I have right now is standard.
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    I think the problem some people have with excessive drain due to Exchange Push is really serious (from 100% to flat dead after half a day in standby without doing anything). But there are 2 issues.

    The one you and I (and most others) seem to have is a perceived shorter battery life when compared to the iPhone 3G. I'm starting to think that it might be due to a more linear calibrated battery indicator. The iPhone 3G would stick at 100% for much longer, then drop suddenly. The iPhone 3GS goes down more gradually and is shocking at first.

    My experience so far with my average use is:
    After a day at work, 13 hours standby, 2 hours usage (of which about 45 minutes of actual phone calls) gives me about 65-70% of battery remaining.
    Before shutting myself off at night, 16 hours standby, 3 hours usage, I have about 55-60% battery remaining.

    Now I haven't charged my iPhone last night, and I'm at 27 hours standby and 3:40 hours usage. The battery is at 45%.

    How does that compare to what everyone else is seeing? I have conditioned (ie. fully discharged) the battery once.

    The difference between you and your girlfriend might have to do with being in different areas. Maybe you have worse 3G reception where you work and the iPhone has to transmit with a higher power to maintain connection to the cell tower.
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    ManuCH wrote:
    The one you and I (and most others) seem to have is a perceived shorter battery life when compared to the iPhone 3G. I'm starting to think that it might be due to a more linear calibrated battery indicator. The iPhone 3G would stick at 100% for much longer, then drop suddenly. The iPhone 3GS goes down more gradually and is shocking at first.

    I agree that watching a numerical indicator rather than a vague green graphic could lead one to notice the decrease more but in the real world with real usage my 3GS runs out of juice several hours earlier than my 3G (with the exact the same settings) did with approximately the same daily usage.

    *There is a definite problem here. Not just a matter of perception.*

    +By the way could some of you guys stop bickering with each other on here. It's a pain in the ar*e to subscribe to a thread and wake up to countless emails of ******** when all one wants to do is find the solution to a problem. Thanks+
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    It has been covered else where in this discussion but I got significantly better battery life by force quitting Safari. Even with push turned on, using the ipod to watch a movie for 30 minutes, general browsing and the like the indicator only dropped 13% in two hours and 6 hours later after using the maps and compass in the car and other uses it was just over half full. Working from home today so fully charged and 100% at 10:15 and will see how it goes.

    Not ideal but I am sure these issues will be corrected in a firmware update? When I got my new phone I did a restore from the 1st generation phones back up, could this be an issue or have complete new comers to the phone had drain issues?
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    Well, looks like your phone is on track to having better battery as mine. After 3 hours and 40 or so minutes, mine sits at 13%(12 hour standby). My girlfriend lives with me and we have been spending all our days together since I'm taking some days off... so it's not likely to be an issue of 3G reception differences (although my buddy who bought his with me on day one lives in an area we both confirmed to be terrible for 3G and his phone gets really really hot when he's at home).

    I'm still convinced that I have a phone that isn't performing to it's potential. I'm going to give it another full cycle and charge to see if it makes any difference (3rd time). If not, I'm complaining to apple.

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    Check the Apple site page where they tell you how they got their iPhone battery figures (all figures were achieved on pre-production devices with various settings enabled and disabled)
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    Huh? When I migrated from the 3G to the 3GS, NONE of my exchange account info migrated over. I had to set that up as new, from scratch.
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    Well I am over 4 hours in with 1:18 usage - push on, wifi on and the indicator is at 83% with Safari quit so happier with that.
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    This is for everyone:

    If you've had an iPhone in the past and the iPhone 3GS's battery is not lasting as long or longer with the same type of usage, you most likely have a problem. The simple fact is, the software is in it's first stage of release, which means it could be the culprit. At the same time though, it could also be a hardware issue. There will always be hardware issues on products, that is why Apple provides a solid 1 year warranty on the device, because they know that problems can arise and they want to make sure their customer is covered. Even if you buy the best parts in the world, there will always be flaws here and there, just as I see now with the battery issues.

    If you are experiencing bad battery life, and you'll know if you are, either make an appointment at an Apple store, or if you are too far call Apple and speak with them. I believe that they will send you a replacement phone in the mail (you have to give them your credit card in case you don't return the broken one) and then you send back the broken one. Now it could be they only do this if you have their AppleCare protection, but in my opinion it is definitely well worth it.

    I hope that this post will help those of you experiencing battery problems. The main point that I like to stress, is that you shouldn't automatically return the phone and get your money back because you are having problems. First step is to swap it out for a new one and see if you are still having issues, you have to realize that this is an electronic device, and nothing is perfect in this world. You have a 1 year warranty on the device for a reason, don't waste a restocking fee and the amazing experience (in my opinion) of owning an iPhone, let alone the 3GS which I love because there is no more lag!!!!
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    I wanted to test my battery to see if I had the same issues as everyone on this thread (I usually just charge my phone everynight regardless how much battery I have left so I don't really notice). I unplugged it after charging to 100% on 6/24 at 4:30 am. It is now 9:30 am est on 6/25 (29 hours) and I have 61% battery charge left. I do normal usage. Some app usage throughout the day (twitter, facebook, checkbook app, app store, myspace, iTunes, ebay, weather channel app, kindle for iPhone), but no heavy usage, several phone calls, some texting, a little internet, checking emails on three accounts probably 5 to 6 times a day.

    I have push off, fetch data off, wifi off, location services off, brightness down a little past halfway, auto brightness on, bluetooth off and 3g on always.

    This is my usual day with my phone, I'm not a big game player and heavy internet user. So I would have to say my battery is not too shabby.

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