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Hi there,

I have been told there is new firmware out there. However, I am with Telstra (an Australian Service Provider) and I have been told that if I upgrade my phone with the this firmware +(I don't know much about frim wares and also don't know the exact name of this firmware. Can Someone advise me of this also)+ it will block my Telstra Sim Card. Apparetly it has been tested and there are articles stating that its a 'no go' for Telstra users.

I am hoping someone out there knows a little more than I do and can give me a bit of info regarding this.

I am assuming its regarding this firmware: http://www.apple.com/iphone/softwareupdate/

Thanks in advance!

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    You might wana check out the possible problems before you upgrade to 3.0, might wana wait awhile for the fixes come out. Check posts like battery power draining 70% faster and radio static being strong even at 5 feet away.
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    Your best bet is to contact Telstra yourself, Im with Optus Australia and running the 3.0 firmware, so I dont see why it would be a prob with telstra.
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    How are you finding the new software?
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    I loaded 3.0 on my Telstra 3G phone earlier this week... it works on Telstra
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    The operation overall is fine, just the battery life is absolutely shocking. My battery life is 1/2 of what it used to be. Before 3.0, my battery would last a full day to day 1/2, now I'm lucky to get to 6hrs without charging. Just ridiculous, and I am not doing anything different than I did before.
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    Haha! Low battery life. Sounds Awesome!

    It really makes me justify whether its worth upgrading or not! Do you think the new Software compensates for the loss of battery life??
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    NOPE! Cut and paste is annoying at best, pops up when just simply moving down a web page. MMS.... well I don't use that too much and its cheaper to send email with photo attachment. B-tooth, well I was hoping for better sound through my cars handfree,but its exactly the same, still comes out mono for me. (but thats not the iphones fault - stupid salesman at Mazda didnt know his product).

    Other cool features are disabled for the standard 3g so I dont think its a great upgrade, all depends on how you uses it. If cutting and paste is your deal, then its probably worth it for that.

    But whats the good of all these features in the end if your phone dies 1/2 way through the day....
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    Is the landscape keyboard software disabled for 3G or is that for the new generation of iPhones only?
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    oh yeah you can landscape now on both 3g and 3gs, but personally I found it quicker the oldway (mainly because I am used to it and in landscape keys are more spread out), but its down to personal preference one again. I don't have big fingers, so I never had a problem with the original layout anyway.
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    Oh ok, cool.

    Well, thanks for being a huge help! You've definately put things in perspective for me!

    Enjoy the rest of your day!