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It seems like an obvious oversight to not allow synching on the iphone via wifi. It would be so much more convenient for me that plugging in the cable all the time. I don't need to sync video or mp3 all the time so I don't think data transfer would be an issue. It would also mean fast synching wherever there was a wifi connection. I'm wondering if this is another 'mobile me gottcha'


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    There is no way to do this.

    I could see a number of problems resulting from this. First of all, it would be pretty slow. If there are more than one computer or iTunes library on the network, how would it know how to sync to a certain one? Also, security issues come to mind. If I have valuable and private email accounts, contacts, photos, etc. on my laptop and I connect to a Wi-Fi network, then someone with an iPhone or iPod Touch can get all of my info? I don't think so.

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    It wouldn't be slow if you just wanted to sync emails / contacts (the main application) - how could it be - that's how I access email all the time (through wifi). Also mobile me does it through mobile connections with email and contacts which is even slower than wifi most of the time.

    I don't actually think audio files would take that long either - especially after a first sync - though i'm happy to do this with a cable

    as for security, again, that's how i access email all the time anyway so i can't see that being a problem
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    There is no way for the iPhone to know which computer or iTunes to connect to over wifi.
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    hmm rubbish i say!

    Things task list syncs via wifi so why couldn't itunes?
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    iPhone runs a modified/cut-down version of OSX.
    Apple TV runs a modified/cut-down version of OSX.

    Apple TV can sync with iTunes over WiFi quite happily, and knows which iTunes on which computer to sync with. Seems to me Apple may already have the foundations in place to support WiFi syncing (at least on the iTunes end), and could perhaps port/modify/transfer the software responsible for syncing in Apple TV to iPhone OS.

    If they come out with it, then great. But somehow I doubt they will.
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    Of course the phone could know which computer/iTunes library to sync with. The official Apple app Remote already does this.

    The Remote app scans the wifi network and lets you tie the phone to the library. You have to type in the 4-digit code displayed on the phone at the computer. From then on, whenever you open up the Remote app, it connects wireless to the iTunes you've paired it with.

    The same process could exist for a Wireless sync app. I would love to see this added!