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At a conference I made about 10 recordings. At the end of the day all recordings were available. The next day I synced my iPhone, but didn't find no new recordings in the Voice Memo Play list. Checking Voice Memos on my iphone I only found the first and the last recording of the conference.

After syncing again only the last Voice Memo was added to the playlist in iTunes.

Does anyone know what is happening here?

It seems that the recordings are still in the iPhone, but invisible to me. In the iPhone backup I found the recording with a MOV filetype.

Now is another question. How can I make them visible again or how can I delete them from my iPhone?

PowerPC G5 Dual 2GHz, Mac OS X (10.4.3)
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    Did you read the User's Manual section dealing with Voice Memos. I have not experienced any problem with recording, syncing or deleting from the iPhone. To delete from the iPhone, just tap the speaker symbol (lower right hand corner).
    Does that help?
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    Where is the users manual?
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    Try this link, it has every feature of the iPhone covered. In addition, if you clock on "Safari" on your iPhone, then click on the "Bookmarks" symbol (on the bottom of the page), then scroll to the bottom. you will find a link to the user's manual as well.

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    I know how to use the application, but for some reason most of the records are not visible anymore. They are still in the iphone (see my remark about the back up)

    Can I delete those files with another tool on the iPhone?
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    For those who are having the same issue (ie Voice memo disappearing or unable to play), the following worked for me.

    1. Back up your iPhone using iTunes
    2. Go to the folder that contains the backup file. /User/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup
    3. Look for big files - mine was 55min long recording and it was 111 megabytes big
    4. Change the extension to .mov
    5. Play it using Quicktime!

    This is very unfortunate that we have to go through this.
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    I can verify that the above "work around" did indeed work...

    found my lost voice memos in: /User/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup
    -renamed them with the extension .mov and they played flawlessly in Quicktime.

    Thanks for the fix!

    But not even the time stamps were right on the memos. Kinda pointless if this is how synincing large files is going to be. Mine were only about 5-10 min. long.

    Why is this happening though? It would be nice if there was a fix coming in one of the iPhone OS updates. Otherwise, I'm back to using my Griffin iTalk App.. that hasn't failed me yet.
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    FYI: The time stamps corresponded with the time of my sync, not the time of the voice memo recording. Which in my case was a bad thing.