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Hi - was trying to sync my Iphone to my car bluetooth kit, and when my phone 'found' my car kit device - i accidentally pressed "forget this device". Now my car kit won't find me........anyone know how to undo that? or will i have to restore factory settings....??

Mac, iPhone OS 3.0, bluetooth
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    Whoops - mean to say that my now my Iphone won't pick up the car kit (not the other way round...)
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    I am having the same problem. I was trying to re-pair my Jawbone bluetooth headset and thought I had to "dismiss" the old pairing by hitting the Forget This Device button. Now I can't get the iPhone to recognize my Jawbone at all. How do I undo the Forget setting?
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    Just came across this same problem and found no help anywhere online...so I tooled around and figured it out myself. Go to:

    Settings - General - Reset - Reset All Settings (careful-don't hit "erase all content and settings")

    You won't lose any content or media, just some "settings" if you've made any (network, home screen layout, etc). I tried it and it allowed me to pair the device that I had just told to "Forget this Device". You'll need to also re-pair up any other BT device you had paired. While the reset didn't modify my content, one of the other incoveniences is it reset the order of the icons on each of the screens (I just finished arranging 11 pages worth). Better than restoring the entire device again though - and lesson learned for next time!
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    There is a kbase article to help with this:


    You could simply have reset your network settings only and not lose all of your settings. It'll keep any installed profiles settings regardless, but it will solve the forget the Device problem.
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    I tried both resets to no avail. Is there another work-around? I selected forget this device too. The iPhone only recognizes the device as headset now. Before it showed Jabra and model #. Once I enter the 4 zeros it says could not pair.

    I ignored the ain't broke don't fix rule.
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    i tried reset network settings to no avail too.... somebody give me a solution...

    This seems too stupid.

    All I was trying to do was to connect my iphone to my mbp. It would show connecte for a sec and get disconnected...not sure what was going on...i tried to forget this device...just so that i can pair again..and now it doesnt even show up.
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    as usual ...as soon as i posted it..i figured it out..all i had to do is...remove the iphone from my pc's list and resync it from my pc...tha brought it back to the iphones list
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    OK.. I've got the same (new) issue with my Jabra 550... All of a sudden it won't be recognized by 3G.. (it's worked fine for over a year)... I tried all on/off, forget this device.. It will find it again, but after I enter the 0000 passkey, it won't connect... It tries (over and over if I press the device in bluetooth settings) but it won't connect. I think the headset is fine as it pairs with other phones... Is there any history of the Bluetooth stack or hw just failing on the 3G iphone?? Hmmm. Thanks guys..
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    These devices use what are called pairing records to store information about the connections and devices. On most headsets, there are no records - the pairing information is stored on the host (iPhone in this case). Car kits are different - most car kits also store pairing records. When you select 'Forget This Device" on the iPhone, it deletes the pairing record from the phone. What it doesn't do is remove any of the records on the car kit device. The result is that the car kit belives it has already 'advertised' to the phone, and doesn't send out advertising connection information. As such, the iPhone doesn't know there is a 'new' device.

    This happened to me on my Audi A6. Once I reset the hands-free settings on the car, the pairing auto-magically showed up again allowing me to reconnect. I'd advise you to see if you can locate the car device settings that allow you to reset the bluetooth connections, then try it again.

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    Correct - the issue is not with the phone. If you have the option to reset the settings in the car then that should do it. But if you have an after market headunit like me, then you have to do it the hard way. Either pull the headunit out a little bit and unplug the power, or unplug the positive side of your car's battery and then plug it back in. This will solve your problem. I didn't take a minute to use my own brain to figure it out and went straight for google answer instead. Resetting network settings or resetting all settings is a waste of time.
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    I had the same problem hitting the "forget this device" on the VW car kit. Tried many help topics and forums without success.

    Tried reset network settings and cancelling the car kit memory etc.

    Read your answer and it worked using the "reset all settings".

    Thanks heaps, you are a genius!!