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jmcfail Level 1 (0 points)
Moved from the 3G to the 3Gs, new pics that I have taken do now show up in the camera roll.

Any ideas?

Toshiba, Windows Vista, iPhone 3GS
  • Chiotas Level 1 (0 points)
    Same bug here! Just connected to report the bug.

    Another bug is that you try to delete a photo made with the 3G, nex time you load camera roll the photo is there!!

    help us
  • jmcfail Level 1 (0 points)
    well.........I called Apple support this morning. What a waste of time.

    First off - I work as a second level manager in a call center, so I HATE calling in to call centers! I critique every call. I didn't get the lady's name that I talked to, but she was not paying attention to me and she didn't help.

    Her steps - reset the network settings and do a hard reset. After that, she said it was all she could do and wanted to have me replace the phone. Frankly, I have a InvisibleSHEILD on this phone, and I don't want to remove it, as it will probably screw it up. She then offered to set up an appt at an Apple store for me. Nah..I was by there Saturday and it was CRAZY in there. So I restored the phone and didn't put the backup back on. It works now. Its not hard to put my old stuff back on, so I am in the process of doing that now.

    So.....this was my second time calling in to Apple - first one was ok, this time was horrible and I hope I don't ever have to call in again.
  • Alex McTex Level 1 (0 points)
    I have had the same or similar problem for the last week (on a six-month old iPhone 3G 16gig). Neither.
    camera photos, images saved from the web, or iPhone screenshots are showing up in the Camera Roll. I haven't been bent out of shape yet because the iPhone's Camera Roll keeps a correct cumulative count, and I have no problem 'seeing' and transferring the images files to my MacBook and MacBook Pros using iPhoto '09 software. It's becoming annoying enough now for me to fix it.

    So what's the consensus? Buy PrintView software - or other utility - to see if thumb images are going to the wrong folder? Or, do a complete iPhone backup, clear the phone, and reinstall? Or something else entirely.

    Let me add that my phone is on ATT (non-jailbroken), and that this issue only came up after I installed OS 3.0 a few weeks ago. Other than this little hitch, 3.0 has been really nice. Thanks.
  • Mac-Clashy Level 1 (10 points)
    Same problem here since the 3.0 update (although it took approx a week to manifest itself).

    It'll be fine, Apple guys will be working on a cure even as I type, but it does bug me that I cant take photos at the moment & email them off while I'm on the move.

    Quick-Cure would be better that slowwwwww cure 'eh, come on apple guys you know you want to work round the clock on this glitch......
  • mouse02135 Level 1 (0 points)
    Simple fix for those withOUT jailbreak and does NOT require a painful restore.

    1. Buy Phoneview - useful for a LOT of things actually, like backing up SMS, etc.
    2. Open iphone,
    3. Click on Settings
    4. Select "Open Entire Disk"
    5. Find MISC folder on file tree
    6. Highlight and delete
    7. Done!

  • Amy Gahran Level 1 (0 points)
    W00T1 Thanks for recommending Phoneview. I had this iPhone Photo Library problem too, and this fix worked like a charm.

    - Amy Gahran
  • srowley93 Level 1 (0 points)
    Where do i buy Phoneview?

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  • Alex Mcalmon Level 1 (5 points)
    Answering "Where to buy PhoneView 2.2.3?"

    The company is Ecamm; this weblink takes you to PhoneView.

    Of interest, Ecamm just released update ver 2.2.3. See -
    7/7/09 - v2.2.3:
    Adds support for downloading iPhone 3GS recorded videos. Fixes an issue that may cause notes, call log, SMS, bookmarks and contacts not to load. Fixes an issue with display of photos and voice memos mode when connected to a jailbroken device. Fixes a possible crash when viewing SMS messages. Other minor fixes and enhancements.

  • rupw Level 1 (0 points)
    Great info - thanks very much.
    I use a PC to sync my iTunes - I have much more space on my PC than I do on my MBP. Will PhoneView still work from my Mac?
    Does the MISC folder contain all my photos in Camera Roll? i.e. when I delete this folder, will I also lose my camera roll photos?

    Many thanks
  • rupw Level 1 (0 points)
    Saw there was a demo, so I downloaded that, and can now answer my own question.
    The app worked fine, despite the fact that I use iTunes on my PC, not my Mac.
    The demo allows you to try this fix (tho I intend to support the vendor and buy the app now anyway) - it also worked for me.

    However the "hidden" photos have not reappeared, which is a shame - has anyone got any suggestions as to how I can see them again in my Camera Roll? I know they're there because the count of Camera Roll is different to the one when I actually go into Camera Roll and view my photos, and browsing the phone from my PC, I can see the missing photos.

    And just for clarification, the folder to be deleted is ".MISC" and it's under "DCIM" which is under root (/).

    thanks all

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  • Gamewatcher Level 1 (0 points)
    I encountered this problem with my 3G S yesterday immediately after installing PhotoEffects and using it to crop and save some photos. It ran flawlessly before that for a month (and even longer on my 3G before that), so I have to believe this was the cause.

    The problem is that I have a PC, and no modern Mac, and so far the only solution I've seen is to buy and use a Mac program, or use some tool that only works on jailbroken phones (mine is legit and I intend to keep it that way). I can recover the photos to my PC using Kodak EasyShare or manual copy, but even clearing all photos didn't solve the problem. I now have to sync the photos off my camera and then sync the ones I want back to see them; I can no longer review my shots to see if they came out or easily share photos via Facebook, Twitter, etc.

    Anyone have a solution for PC that doesn't involve waiting for the next firmware update to fix this?
  • magentaville Level 1 (0 points)
    I am having the same problem.

    I was using PhotoKast to save an image to the camera roll, but the image never showed up.

    I was using Picture Safe Pro to move images to the camera roll when I first confirmed a real problem. Pictures could no longer be moved from Picture Safe to the Camera Roll.

    I could not get new pictures to show up in the camera roll, although the thumbnail image seemed to show up.

    Photo Albums shows the total number of pictures in Camera Roll to be 128
    When I go inside the Camera Roll, the total is 105.

    I deleted the .misc folder as suggested in this thread. I can now take pictures again but the count is still wrong.

    Apple really needs to fix this. So, do I have pictures hidden in the Camera Roll or is the smaller number correct?
  • penipal Level 1 (0 points)
    same problem, except in europe and can not sync to see if photos at least download. am i wasting my time taking photos, or can someone verify that "they" really exist..thansk.
  • Michael Gmuer Level 1 (5 points)
    Same here since yesterday no new Photos on thr roll (a few Werks After the 3.0 update) new 3GS more than 12GB free space - only 917 Photos showing but 1014 on the roll - and unfortunately I'm on the road abroad (Sweden) an my Mac sits at home. Should we stop bothering to take more holiday pics ? Did Apple forgoget to properly test the Photo Roll on 3.0 ?
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