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    Doing a restore did NOT solve the problem at all. Also, I have 500 pics in the camera roll folder (or at least there should be) ... so volume should not be a problem.
  • Cstogner Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)
    I am having the same problem. Does anyone know the solution?

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  • KristinDaBomb Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Do you think it will be fixed in iPhone 3.1?
  • theflb Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Does anyone know if the new 3.1 update has fixed this. I'm unsure as how to test whether it has changed
  • quasimodo3 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    i have already updated to 3.1 and this problem still exists from my point of view: i can't access my previous pictures with filenames > 10000
  • KristinDaBomb Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I can't believe they didn't fix this problem or even address it.
  • runrguy Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Looks like 3.1 partially fixed it. Any new photos I take show up in the roll. Photos taken prior to 3.1 do not.

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    Yeah mine seems to be working now. Who knows for how long though.
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    Nov. 13 2009 Friday 3:00AM,
    I had the same problem. The camera roll would not show me the pictures that I just took.
    I fixed my problem without downloading anything or going to any web site. I have a HP laptop with windows Vista. I have the Iphone with the 3.0 software.
    These are the steps that I took,
    I copied all my photos from my Iphone and put them on my computer. Then I deleted ALL my photos that where in my camera roll album on my Iphone. I then synced my Iphone to ITunes. Next I made a backup file using ITunes. When that was done I used that backup file to restore my Iphone. Now my camera roll shows me the new pictures I've took. Every thing works great now. If I want to put my old pictures back on my Iphone then I just use the ITunes program that has a sync with pictures from your computer option.
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    Thanx! Been having this problem for a long time and backing up photos and then deleting the misc folder was the option!

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    I cannot delete the ###APPLE folders (Windows Vista). I see them in windows explorer but get an error when I try to delete them. I downloaded a free app:, and was able to delete the 101APPLE thru 108APPLE folders quickly and easily.

    I was only up to 9700 pictures so I hadn’t had the problem yet. Before I did this I had about 24 pictures in the name range of IMG_9700 thru IMG_9724 in 109APPLE folder. I never have more than a few hundred pics in my camera roll because I move them to my computer in Windows Explorer regularly.

    After deleting those folders in the iPhone Explorer program, I went back to iTunes and it had an error. So I closed iTunes, undocked the iPhone, took one picture with the iPhone, and then rebooted the iPhone. Docked it again, and Voila! Windows explorer shows 101APPLE with the one new picture (IMG_0001) and the previous folder is still there – 109APPLE – with the 24 pics I hadn’t deleted before. iTunes sees my phone, synchs properly.

    Now, one thing I haven’t seen anyone talk about in all my google searching about this issue is duplicate filenames on your computer. You care about seeing the pics on your iPhone, but no mention is made of the fact that you will now have two files with the same name on your computer. That makes for bad organization of files. I want one unique name for each picture. I recently discovered Adobe Lightroom, which renames files based on a naming mask you create. Of course Lightroom does a lot more than that and is an awesome program for image editing and organization of pictures. But if you only want to move and rename your files so that you have unique names, you can use a free program I’ve been using for years called Media Sort: It uses EXIF data for the date the picture was taken. (If you don’t know what EXIF is, google it.)
    The UI isn’t that pretty but it works fine. The file naming pattern I use is:

    [Exif - Date/Time Original - Year]/[Exif - Date/Time Original - Month]/[Exif - Date/Time Original - Date]/[Exif - Date/Time Original - Year]-[Exif - Date/Time Original - Month]-[Exif - Date/Time Original - Date] – [FS - BaseName].[FS - Extension]

    ……which gives me filenames like this: 2009-11-15 – IMG_8110.jpg
    inside folder structures like this: C:\Users\linkwoman\Pictures\target\2009\11\15

    Oh and when I keep anyone else’s files, I add their name to the end of the file naming pattern (2009-11-15 – IMG8110Debra.jpg). So if my name isn’t in the file, I took the picture (that’s 95% of the files). And if I am looking for files my sister gave me then I’d search for Debra.
    I hope this helps. I was extremely excited to find both Media Sort and iPhone Explorer.
    +I posted this exact same response on appleiphoneschool(dot)com in a post entitled camera-roll-cant-handle-10000-pictures+
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