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  • Kentlowt Level 1 Level 1

    I never claimed to fix everyones issues only mine. It was obvious in my case it was the new earphones that came with my iPhone 4. I have not had it happen once since I changed my earphones out. I would still like the ability to just shut the thing off so it is not even possible for this to happen.

  • navasdubai Level 1 Level 1

    This is obviously a hardware fault, which Apple didnt reply to so many complaints yet. In my case, after so many googling and opinions, some of them ridiculous, which says to use the headphone mic covered by a tape!! why shoudl i do that? why should I suffer lke that. I decided to go to Apple store and they gave me new phone. now this phone has no problem for voice control! So it is very clear that it is not a problem from the headphone, but a hardware fault inside the phone.

  • bonevlion Level 1 Level 1

    I was facing the same issue in my Ipod touch. I installed 'Springtomize 2' last Saturday which has an option to disable voice control.


    Its been 4 days since and I havent seen voice control poping up in between.


    IPod Touch 3GS (32 GB MC model)

    IOS 5.1

  • NeuroPAW Level 1 Level 1

    simple problem with an easy fix?


    Had the same problem for a day or two.  Walking around while listening to music would make the voice command activate or send my music into fast-forward.  I realized by pressing on the base of the headphone cord where it plugs into the iphone I could reproduce the problem/s.  connections inside the headphone jack are getting shorted out.  Probably lint or something from being in your pocket/purse/whatever.  So when you plug in your headphones later (at the gym or wherever), the lint gets pressed between the headphone jack and your iphone.  Certain movements will press the jack against the lint causing it to short, activating unwanted commands (i.e., voice command, fast-forward, etc.,).


    I got some Q-tips and ethanol (200 proof, rubbing alcohol) twirled the qtips around inside the headphone jack a few times (just once or twice may not be enough) and let it air dry.  Don't soak the q-tip too much.  Just dip it and wring out excess ethanol with your fingers.  Don't try to dry it with another q-tip, you may lodge some cotton from the dry q-tip into the jack again.  NO MORE PROBLEMS =)  hope this helps.

  • mervinfromkailua Level 1 Level 1

    NeuroPAW, You are so right.  I tried the same thing with 70% etoh (I know, water content is bad) but dried it using blow-dryer to solve the water issue (or just blow it in further, lol).  You're right - it's just a short issue, probably with the tip of the plug.  I've been gardening lately and though my phone isn't totally exposed, the dust is super-fine from the clay here.  I'm sure it just bilt up over time.  I built a dust collar that seals onto the cord and then flares out to stick to the outside of the iPhone's headphone jack area and under my Otterbox.  Also it can be attached directly to the Otterbox around the jack access area and flap. 


    Thanks NeuroPAW, Warmest Aloha, MervinfromKailua  

  • bowshank Level 1 Level 1

    Lots of people on other threads are blaming the headhphones for this, and maybe in some cases that is the case. However, I've got the same problem; when the headphones are plugged in, the voice control activates, or music starts to play at varying speeds. Like NeuroPAW mentioned, applying slight pressure left and right to the base of the headphone jack causes the problems. I've tried another set of official headhpones, but the fault remains.


    This is definately a hardware issue, and I shall be trying the suggestion of cleaning mentioned above.

  • Rohan Anwar iPhone 3GS running 6.0.1 Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem need help!!!!!!! REPLY

  • graydonwinter Level 1 Level 1

    This happened to me as well, much to my frustration. I have since found that it doesn't happen as long as I keep the headphone cable on the outside of my clothing instead of underneath it. When I'm in the gym I used to run the cable down underneath my shirt to stop it catching on things. I think the noise from my shirt rubbing on the microphone may have been activating voice control. Since I started running it down the outside of my clothes into my pocket I have had no issues.

  • Shanth0ny Level 1 Level 1

    This is what's happening to me! I can't even listen to Pandora anymore because voice control just cancels it out and skips the songs.

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