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I recently bought a nice big new external HDD (WD My Book Studio Edition II) and an Airport Extreme Base Station to plug it in to, and then (to try and save time) plugged the HDD directly in to my macbook pro and did a backup via Time Machine (which used up approx 200Mb of my shiny new drive).

A few days later (when I got time) I unplugged the external HDD from the MBP and plugged it in to the Airport Extreme (via the USB), I repointed Time Machine to the drive (now attached to the Airport Extreme) and it proceeded to do a full backup (which took another 200Mb from the drive and about 18 hours).

I now realise that Time Machine operates differently for directly attached and wirelessly attached drives, but how do I get the original 200Mb back, as it seems to me that I now have a double up on the external HDD?

Any help would be appreciated!


MacBook Pro and Mac Mini, Mac OS X (10.5.7), Airport Extreme, 2TB MyBook external HDD