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When I start iTunes 8.2 I get a message that states "The registry settings used by the iTunes drivers for importing and burning CDs and DVDs are missing. Please reinstall iTunes." I have been having problems with my CD and DVD players since a virus corrupted my CDROM.sys file. I ran Microsoft FixIt and now I get this iTunes message. If I download and install iTunes 8.2 again, will it preserve my library of iTunes music or wipe it out? Or is there an easier solution to this?

Sony PCV-RX571
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    I am having the same problem. However, I have tried reinstalling Itunes. I repaired it, I installed over top, and I uninstalled and reinstalled. Good news is my library is still there, bad news is that the error message keeps coming up. So, good news is the error is just annoying and doesn't seem to cause any problems, bad news is reinstalling doesn't seem to fix it.
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    With the message still appearing, are you able to burn to your cd drive?
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    I have the same problems, I have tried countless ways of fixing it but to no avail. Aplle don't care about the problem either.
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    all of you are right about reinstalling does't do anything. I have tried everything with registry editor by changing things. also i have trouble with a lot of my cd's not being able to play and if i am able to import them. The music comes out skipping or many songs are integrated together. What to do?