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For past few days, my laptop is running very slow when I am using firefox web browser and sometime I am receiving a pop-up saying "Your Mac OS X Startup Disk Has No More Space For Application Memory". I checked my hard disk I have sufficient free disk space ~50GB. Could anyone let me know why do I get this error and what I need to do?

Thanks for your help!

PowerBookG4, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    You may have to start the computer from the OS X Installer (restore disc 1)
    and run the version of Disk Utility found there, in the Installer's menu bar
    header. Choose the Macintosh HD and run First Aid's repair disk, then
    also repair disk permissions. Note what the drive's SMART status says.
    Quit Disk Utility, choose to restart the computer from other menu options
    in the drop-down menu in Installer...

    On startup (from off) you could try and repair the computer a bit further
    by starting in SafeBoot mode. Hold the Shift - key down on startup and
    then after a Login window appears, supply the admin password then
    continue until the computer has a Finder and desktop appears. You
    could then see GO in the Finder's menu bar, and choose Utilities folder
    and inside there, run the system's own Disk Utility; repair disk permissions
    and restart the computer normally.

    If the computer has not been restarted lately or if the above has not been
    done, these things should help. To have and use a utility interface tool,
    as I'd refer scripted maintenance tools such as OnyX from Titanium Soft-
    ware (runs free, a download) you could try that a few times a month. I
    run the Automation sequence and have the utility's preference set to
    restart the computer after the OnyX software has run. This takes time.

    You could also look into the Activity Monitor (in Utilities folder) to see
    what if anything appears to be using the Virtual Memory and drive
    space; there may be something holding drive space which could be
    hanging up and not releasing the computer's resources properly.
    You can force-quit some items if there are apps running you thought
    had been shut off, and otherwise appear; the Force-Quit under the
    blue Finder apple icon may also show items that may have hung up.

    There may be some corruption on the hard disk drive if these basic things
    do not help; you may consider backing up the entire hard drive's contents
    to an external media, drive or device; then wipe the drive & reinstall it all.
    There are a few ways to do this, a bootable full computer clone on a
    FireWire enclosed hard disk drive is a good way to go; it requires effort.

    Also, this Discussions section is about G4/G5 tower computers, not portables.
    So, for similar discussions, you may consider visiting the appropriate one.

    In any event...
    Good luck & happy computing!