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I'm trying to install Windows XP and never got a OS X disk with my MacBook.

Do you I need it to complete the install or will Windows run properly without it?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    Legally you need the installation DVD, the one that comes with a Mac won't work.

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    I'm saying I never got an OS X disk. I just want to know if Microsoft will actually work without it. It says after installation of Windows I need to use an OS X disk to finish the installation. What I want to know is if I don't have the OS X disk will Windows work correctly?

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    Hi MissyAU and welcome to Discussions,

    the OSX Leopard DVD is needed since it contains all the neccessary Drivers to Windows correctly.
    Without the drivers Windows will boot and work to some extent, but you won't be able to connect to the internet, use the Apple-specific keys, use higher display resolutions in Windows and so on.

    In addition to that the OSX DVD is not needed if you ever have to reinstall OSX or have to do some maintenance on your OSX installation.

    A Mac is always sold with a OSX DVD and usually the DVD is inside the packing of the Mac together with the Manual for the Mac in a small box.
    If you still have the packing of your MacBook look inside of it.

    If you can't find the OSX DVD or the packing is already gone, you can contact Apple and ask for a replacement sent to you.
    Normally Apple will ask for the serial number of your MAcBook and charge you with approx. 30 USD.


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    Thanks for that.

    I'll have to get a disk for it then. I just want to play games on Windows.
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    You don't get an OSx disc with any new Mac. What do get is system restore DVD.

    This includes OSx ILife suite printer drivers optional X framework (Unix) application and languages.
    OH AND the Boot-Camp drivers on a Hybrid partition that become visible within Windows XP/Vista.

    To install Windows open the Boot-Camp Application.

    Simplest way is to Cut and Past -
    "Boot Camp Assistant" in Spotlight (without quotation marks), Select and Launch the Application.
    Now follow the Wizards to form a Windows partition, have a Legit Windows Installer Disc MIN XP With integral Service Pack 2, or a flavor of Vista.
    On completion of the partitioning process and whilst still in OSx insert your Windows installer disc and Boot Camp will instruct you to click on the Start installation radio button.

    Your Mac now reboots (Can take sometime) to the Windows Install disc and you now follow the standard Windows install process.

    Eventually after an hour or more , your Mac will reboot into a Vanilla Windows installation.
    You then go through the std Date time place name , and password set up screens and finally arrive at the familiar Windows desktop.

    Next step is to go to My Computer/Computer and select the DVD/CD Drive and eject the Installer Disc.

    Right now insert your Mac _Restore disc_ which should autorun, launching the Boot-Camp driver packages,.
    Again follow the Wizard and the drivers will install.

    In addition to the drivers a NEW and VERY IMPORTANT control panel is installed accessible in Windows Explorer - Control Panel/Performance & Maintenance.

    This is the Boot Camp OS switcher - Its similar to the Mac OS Start UP Disk application in appearance and function allowing you to boot and switch back to OSx.

    At this point you will now have the pleasure of installing all the usual protection necessary for a safe Windows Life and a multitude of Microsoft updates, Firefox and a visit to Apple to download the Boot Camp 2.1 driver update package for your flavor of Windows and install those as well.
  • Keith Doherty3 Level 4 (1,795 points)
    By the way YES it IS Possible to Install WIndows without the need to use Boot Camp, however its not for the light hearted, as you will need to hunt down and install a whole host of drivers (most are available online), and you need to install rEFIt.

    rEFIt is an alternative BIOS emulator/switcher application and actually has more functionality than Boot-Camp in that it allows for even more partitions and differing Os'es to be installed including Linux varieties.

    Caveat rEFIt makes deep changes to the Boot Up Partition, may effect stability and break With OS updates.
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    You don't get an OSx disc with any new Mac. What do get is system restore DVD.

    Hmmmm... Wonder what the MacBook Mac OS X Install DVD is that came with my new Mac? The other gray disc that came with my Mac is titled MacBook Applications Install DVD.