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I'm recording my music lessons with the Voice Memo app, and it works great from sound quality perspective. But I'm having a hard time managing the files. I'd like to sync with iTunes, rename them, and put them in a playlist, and treat them like any other song or podcast. What is the simplest way to do this? Here is what I found so far:
- I can sync with iTunes and they show in Voice Memos playlist in iTunes
- If I gave the memo a custom label on the iPhone, the label does not carry through to iTunes. I need to rename it again in iTunes.
- I think this renaming in iTunes is causing a duplication of files both in iTunes and iPhone (strange it would duplicate on iPhone because I thought it was one-way sync).
- The Voice Memo playlist does not appear in my iPhone playlist--even when I select this playlist to be sync'd.
- The memos do sync by themselves (they show in the Recently Added playlist on the iPhone, just not in the Voice Memos playlist)
- If I create another playlist (say My Voice Recordings) and move the voice memos there, that playlist also doesn't seem to sync to the iPhone even though it is checked.
- If I move a voice memo to an existing playlist that I know does sync, then I get a 13019 error when syncing. If I delete the memo from the existing song playlist, then then 13019 error goes away.

Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks!
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    Select the memo in your library and use the "Get Info" options tab to change the media kind from voice memo to music. Then, do as you like with them.
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    Tried that. Didn't help. Now I realize one of my voice memos might be corrupted. One of them I can copy to a playlist that syncs with iPhone and it shows up on iPhone (good). But when I copy the other to the same playlist and then attempt to sync to iPhone, I get 13019 error (which goes away if I remove it from the playlist).
  • SleepsAtNight Level 1 Level 1
    I guess my question is: is there a way to un-corrupt this file. It plays fine in iTunes, it just won't sync to iPhone.
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    I had much the same problem as you. I recently recorded my first voice memo: it was a talk I gave, about 50 min long. I wanted to put it in iTunes along with other talks I have given, so I synced my phone and saw that the custom label did not carry over. No problem, I gave it a title (the title of the talk), an artist (me), and an album (the group I was speaking to). However, when I synced my phone the file did not appear in the iPod section on my phone.

    I went into "My Music>iTunes>iTunes Music" on my PC (sorry... looking to get a Mac in the future!) and found the file in "Voice Memos," so I moved it to the folder where I wanted it. Then I double-clicked to open it up in iTunes. Then I synced my phone again and the file showed up in the iPod section this time.

    However, the file would not play on my phone, even though it was listed. (It played just fine in iTunes on my computer.) Here is what I did to get it to work: I unchecked the file in iTunes, synced my phone (to get the file that apparently wasn't working off my phone), rechecked the file in iTunes, and then synced again. Finally worked!

    I am still in the dark on the most straightforward way to accomplish all this. Apple, any help?

    One problem remains: my computer says the audio file is 108MB. That is huge! The same file recorded on my friend's mp3 player would only be 10-20MB. Is there something I can do about this?
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    P.S. I also got the 13019 error a couple times during this whole process. I think what I did at that point was exit out of iTunes, reopen the program, and then try again.

    Very confusing, all of it! I hope Apple can either streamline the process, or publish some tips that will clear up the confusion, because it is not straightforward at all right now.
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    I am having the exact same problem as all of the posters here. Can Apple please help us? I use my voice memos every day for lectures and these problems are very frustrating. There should be a download to correct this problem.
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    I found the answer to this question!

    I was having the same problem, and it was super annoying. To get these files out of your "Voice Memos" folder and into another to sort, make sure you make some generic artist and album name on each track so iTunes makes a folder (and I always keep mine in a playlist, to keep them organized). Then, for each track go to get info>options>media kind and change it from "voice memo" to music or audiobooks (I prefer audiobooks because they keep my place if I leave the track for any period of time). You should find after you've done this that the tracks sort themselves by your chosen album name and not in your Voice Memos folder.

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    Thanks for all the helpful info in this thread. One of the questions asked in the original post that didn't get answered, though, is the issue of the *label you add on the iPhone* (whether one of their pre-chosen categories, or a "custom" label) *NOT showing up in iTunes*. What I've ended up with is a list of Day, date, time info.

    Now, I can of course change these easily in iTunes, but unless I listen to them again, I can't identify them as they arrive in iTunes. As far as I've been able to tell, the tracks that get dumped into the auto-created "Voice Memos" playlist in iTunes DOES NOT include that label anywhere. Unlike normal playlists, you can't see that set of categories across the top, like artist, genre, play count, etc. You only see "name," "time" and "size." If you add the tracks to another playlist, and go to view options and add things like "category" and "description," the label info STILL does not show up anywhere. So thus far, I haven't figured out a way to identify the individual voice memos once they're in iTunes.

    There's gotta be a hack for this, so can someone step up and give it to us poor folks? Thanks