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Where do the videos go when i sync my phone? The ones i take with my phone?
im looking for them on my PC not the phone btw
thanks for any help

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    They don't sync with iTunes. You access them from another application on your computer. For me, I use Photoshop Elements to get pictures and videos off my iPhone when it's synced. Mac users can use iPhoto to do the same thing.

    Also, on the PC you can drill down into the iPhone folder structure from your Explorer window and copy/paste the videos onto your PC.

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    You can read about this starting on page 97 of the [iPhone User Guide|http://manuals.info.apple.com/enUS/iPhone_UserGuide.pdf]
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    i just realized that my PC shows the iphone as a external drive and i was able to get into the photos folder where all my pictures and videos are! thanks for the advice dmiannay!