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My MBP (2.8 GHz, 15"), is constantly freezing up. Completely unresponsive. Sometimes mouse still works, sometimes not. Sometimes keyboard usable, sometimes not. But in all cases apps don't respond (all of them). Sometimes I can alt-tab through apps, but they don't respond anyway. Dock is frozen as well.

After 10-20 secs this all goes away and the MBP comes back to its normal self.

It didn't do this in the first week I got this. It started a couple of days ago and it is getting worse and worse. Now this happens every 5 min... sometimes 15.

Anyone any clues?

I really don't like to reinstall OS X, since this is my main machine, and that would be a lot of work...

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MBP 15", 2.8 GHz, may 2009, Mac OS X (10.5.7), standard model
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