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in the family we have one Mac that hods all the music within iTunes. We have two iPhones which are currently linked with this iTunes library. As we have different apps and different settings the iphones get confused with the apps and especially with the iPhone settings (I have mobileme, my wife not). So now we both have each others notes for example synced to both iPhones.

We would like to separate the whole thing now - is there any save way to have these iPhones synced separately to the one iTunes library without loosing data?


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    Hello there.

    There are several ways of handling multiple iPods/iPhones on one computer. I would check out this Apple support document, which offers instructions and explanations on a few different methods for handling this situation. Hope it helps.

    [How to use multiple iPods with one computer|http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1495]

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    Hi, thanks for your answer.
    Unfortunately this does not work because iTunes still keeps one account with the store active regardless which library I open. So when I switch the account in the store it will be switched for both libraries. That means that I can not separate the iPhone applications and all the other specific sync parameters.

    I thought about using my wife's account on the Mac and pointing iTunes to the new library - the problem here is that then the iPhoto library is not accessible any more......

    I can't really believe that there is no solution from Apple - I mean there must be more couples and families out there with 2 and more iPhones syncing with one iTunes / iPhoto etc libraries.

    Any other ideas? Thanks in advance!