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My Phone:
16g iPhone 3G with 3.0 update. Autolock set to 1 minute. Less than 25% of capacity used. No restrictive cases that might "smother" the phone.

What happens:
I plug in my iPhone 3G to charge it, set my alarm to wake me in the morning, and lock the screen (I see it go blank). I place it on the side table by my bed (not covered by anything). 5~7 hours later, I awaken to my phone hot to the touch and no longer with the screen locked. When I say hot, it's as hot as the bottom of any laptop can get that's been on and resting flat on a table. The battery meter has only a small sliver left and it's red. The amount of charge is between 10 and 20% because I get the low battery warning.
The first time this happened, the phone was unresponsive and the screen had a burn in mark, kind of like a halo, almost like the article about the white iPhone 3GS' discoloration on the back. I held down the power and home buttons in order to cycle it as it wouldn't respond to anything else. The second time this happened, I just turned it off to allow it to cool down for about 10 minutes. If I can take a correct guess, both times the phone felt like it was around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. I'm thinking about buying an infrared thermometer to check the temp next time this happens, because I'm sure it will.

How often:
This has happened twice so far. Once with the old (recalled) charger and another just last night with the new one. I've also tried using different usb cables and I also plugged the charger directly to the wall. This does not happen when I charge through USB over night (without the computer going into sleep/standby). This has NOT happened prior to updating to 3.0. I charge the phone every night since my normal usage brings the battery down to about 10-20%.

My 1 year warranty expires on July 20th. I'll be taking it in soon, but I just wanted to post to see if anyone else had the same problem...

iPhone 3G, iPhone OS 3.0, 16g
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    Take a peek at various battery-related posts throughout the boards and heat seems to be a component of some of the complaints, including mine. I am also having a heat issue with my 3G; had the phone replaced recently for that same issue. After the replacement, and even more so now with 3.0, the heat issue prevails.
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    Dude, get it in to an Apple store ASAP, like tomorrow morning. You've clearly got a bad battery.

    My 3GS phone has been charged from my Mac, using my old iPhone charger and the new charger. I hook it up for overnight charge just like you describe. No heat problems whatsoever.
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    I should add that last time I had a SERIOUS heat issue I put the phone in the refrigerator because I was afraid it was going to start a fire on my desk. Hindsight was provided by the Apple Genius who reminded me of the fifteen-billion water damage indicators that could have been triggered by a humid fridge.

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    I'm about to schedule an appointment today... thanks! One thing that worries me is that some people have gotten replacements and it seems to be happening to them still (like the other reply up there)...
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    How did it go? I was "off-line" for a few days.
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    Well I took my phone in. The guy told me that after an update between firmwares, in my case 2.2.1 to 3.0, there's a period of time after the fact where the phone is trying to convert data from the old firmware to the new one. He said during this time, the processor is going at "full throttle" and if it crashes during this process (which it seems like it did) it gets stuck, and since I was charging it, the auto shutoff didn't tell the phone to stop charging, which in turn lead to it overheating. His solution (which he said has helped others with this problem) was to have me start from scratch and update to 3.0 without restoring my backup. All my data was gone, but if you sync all your data, you'll be fine since you can resync it after the upgrade. I haven't experienced the problem since.
    I was worried about it frying the components inside but the genius reassured me that he hasn't seen it overheat to the point of it melting any of the parts.
    Anywho, I'm probably going to purchase apple care in case something goes wrong beyond my July 20th warranty expiration, but for now it seems like the problem has disappeared completely. It's only been a few days but I'll post back here if anything else happens...