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I have a few thousand songs, plus audiobooks, etc. in my library.
Everything works fine except that there are about a dozen songs that
sync to my iPod every time I connect it.

If I sync two times in a row, the second time nothing syncs (as expected), but if I then unplug my iPod (Touch 2G w/3.0) and plug it back in, or if I close iTunes and restart it, the same dozen songs will sync again.

Does anyone have any ideas how to stop this from happening?

(FYI - these are songs ripped from 2 of my CDs)


iPhone OS 3.0
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    Having the same problem as you at the moment, actually.

    I recently got a new laptop and copied my library to it from an external hard drive I back up to. Connected my ipod, synced it to the 'new' library (which took a while given the 14,000 odd songs!)... and now every time I reconnect it there are about 250 songs that re-sync every time.

    Did not have this problem on my old computer, and it only occurs when the ipod syncs on initial connection (i.e. if I leave it plugged in and hit 'sync', this does not happen.

    I discovered that deleting the songs from your library and re-ripping them fixes the problem (although I have not done this for all of them yet).
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    Well, I guess I should be happy that I only have about 2 dozen to re-rip.

    I hope Apple can fix this, 'cause as our libraries grow, this will become more tiresome on a much larger scale.

    It's bad enough that iTunes doesn't automatically monitor and update the Music folder (like Media Monkey, Windows Media Player, etc., etc.) but to have to re-rip CDs is a real pain!
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    It's not really resolved, and Apple has no fix yet, but I'm tired of this hanging around.