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My MacBook Pro's screen suddenly flickers when I'm in the middle of typing even just word documents, surfing the net, or basically anything.. it just suddenly flickers for about 1 second. It happens maybe 5x every three hours or so.. I called apple customer care and advised me to run the apple hardware test to eliminate hardware problems. the test came out negative so it means my mac doesn't have any hardware problems. They also advised me to reset my PRAM but it didn't do any good as well. My screen still flickers. I also tried different display resolutions but it didn't work too..help..

MacBook Pro 2.4 GHz, Mac OS X (10.5.7)
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    I am having the same problem. Once the flickering starts, I have to do a hard shutdown and reboot. It's intermittent, tho... very frustrating... Any solutions?
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    I think I am having the same issue. My display has had an occasional flicker since I can remember (I have the late 2008, aluminum, Macbook Pro). It is a sort of fraction of a second that the screen 'blacks out'. This is not the issue common to other postings I think.

    The problem is that in the past few days it has gone from happening once or twice a day to happening five or six times a minute. I have no idea what causes it or how to fix it without taking it to the store. I hope someone can post helpful tips.
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    what setting do you have your screen brightness set at?
    I was getting the flickering, admittedly after 10.5.8 was installed, but I change the screen brightness before the update. No problems before update - but I noticed that for the last two days the screen has been flickering a bit. What I did was this - raise the screen brightness and the flickering has for now, gone! It may have something to do with the auto brightness control where the sensor adjust the keyboard and screen brightness depending on the amount of light in our work areas.
    Simple but so far effective!
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    Hmmm. You raise an interesting point, since my flickering increased (although did not start) after the update was installed. I always run my screen at the 'retinal burn' highest setting, with adjustments for ambient light. While I suspect it could be related to the auto-adjust, my issue doesn't sound like a lot of other problems reported where the issue is a sort of rapid dimming and brightening. This is really a fractional second of blackness. Oddly, the problem increased the past few days, but has been much better today. I haven't adjusted any settings. I'm starting to wonder if it is the product of running one particular application. I'll have to pay attention to what's open when it happens. Back to your auto-adjustment hypothesis, now that I think about it it is day time here in Japan and I have full ambient light and the screen set to retinal burn. I'll see if it increases once the sun goes down.

    Thanks for the response!
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    Today I also had a flickering problem (for the first time since getting my MacBook Pro just a few weeks back) -- and the screen would become very distorted for a few seconds then the problem goes away, few minutes later it comes back -- ended up doing a forced shutdown and now when trying to turn the new 13' MacBook Pro (with 250 GB hard drive pre-installed with Snow Leopard) back on the screen won't turn on nor will the Apple logo light up. Have called Apple for assistance and am sending my MacBook Pro to them for repairs as soon as I receive a shipping box from them (they say it should arrive by Monday) fortunately as its new it is still under warranty.