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At 1:39 pm I purchased an Itunes gift card in the hopes of updating my itunes library. I stood there and watched the clerk activate my Itunes card. I reach home and attempted to redeem my card but now, Itunes is saying that both the activation code and serial number is invalid. This is not the first time I have had problems with Itunes when it comes to redeeming card's. I refuse to by another card , and do have my reciet which show's that this card was activated. Please help me fix this.

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    Click here and fill out the form, including the serial number with your request.

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    -> Gift Card and Gift Certificate FAQ
    "iTunes says my code is "invalid".
    When iTunes says that a code is "invalid" it usually means that one or more of the characters that you've entered into the redemption field are incorrect. If your code is not accepted at the iTunes Store, make sure that you've entered the code exactly as it appears on your card.

    Please read your code carefully. The following letters and numbers can look very similar:

    The letter A and the letter H
    The letter B and the number 8
    The letter D and the number 0
    The letter E and the number 3
    The letter G and the number 6
    The letter H and the letter W
    The letter J and the number 1
    The letter M and the letter N
    The letter O and the number 0
    The letter P and the letter F
    The letter Q and the letter O
    The letter Q and the number 0
    The letter S and the number 5
    The letter S and the number 8
    The letter V and the letter U
    The letter Z and the number 2
    If you're still unable to redeem your gift card after verifying the characters in the code, please email us using the form at the bottom of the page. Make sure that you include the serial number from the back of your card. See the section below on locating the serial number for your iTunes Gift Card."