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Probably asked before but is there a way to do play your purchased iTunes music and video over a network with the PS3?

I have tried everything I can think of doing and can't get it to work so I'm guessing no but wanted to make sure before I give up completely.

Thank you.

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    DRM-free m4a(AAC) and mp3 can be streamed via PS3 Media Server (free download, just google it).
    Unfortunatedly, DRM-protected videos are not possible, as far as I know.
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    Does anyone know if Apple has any plans to be able to have iTunes on the PS3 at all?
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    Apple will not be supporting PS3 playback. They want you to buy their device not work with Sony's. You'll need top convert everything you can to MP3 and then set up your PS3 to access those files, for anything with DRM you're out of luck.

    This is why I don't get anything through iTunes anymore. I download from amazon or anywhere else, make a back up (I've sen iTunes screw up originals after the converted file was ready) and then import into iTunes if needed. My originals work with every other platform in the world so it's much easier this way.
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    PS3 will support .aac files as long as they are not DRM protected. There is no need to convert unprotected .aac files (thus losing quality).