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Hi. I purchased and downloaded from Play.com an album which, when I downloaded it to my PC, came as a zip file. Can anyone tell me how I can transfer this file into my iTunes library please? I have tried the "file/transfer folder (and I tried file) to library" and that hasn't worked. Am I doing something wrong. Do I need to have my iPod plugged in to the PC first? Thanks if you can help. I have a brand new 16GB nano.

Dell 4600, Windows XP, Upgraded to SP2
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    A zip file is a compressed file (or collection of files). You can't add it to iTunes. First you need to unzip the file. As I use a Mac which has software built into the operating system to do this, I don't know how to tell you to do it. However, I suspect that double clicking on it might do the trick as there may already be software on your computer that will do it. Once the file is unzipped, you should see files that iTunes can use such as .mp3 or .aac. Add those as you usually would.

    Best of luck
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    Hi. Thanks for your reply. How annoying that the website I bought the songs from automatically download them as zip files. I'm not very good with technical things so this should be a challenge. I'll reply here whether I'm successful or not when I give it a try tonight!
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    It can be more convenient to download an entire album that way as all the tracks and any additional files can be bundled together into one file for download. When we all had dial up connections, zip files, which are compressed, made life a lot easier.

    Best of luck.
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    Hi again. Well, I managed to extract the songs in the zip file but I had to drag each one individually onto my desktop and then drag them into my iTunes library. They went into the library ok but, unfortunately, they now won't transfer onto our iPods. They have an exclamation mark next to them when I click on them which suggests to me that there is something wrong. Anybody know what I've done wrong please? In the zip folder (an icon with the pile of books) the songs are correctly listed as mp3 and when I say "extract to iTunes" it doesn't do it that way. I've tried going into iTunes and asking it to extract folder, extract file etc. but it just doesn't work. Very grateful for some pointers in the right direction please. Thanks.