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Hear is my problem. I have been working for days now trying to get all my bookmarks moved from Firefox To Safari 4. I have tried everything I can think of short of calling Apple. To get all my bookmarks moved to Safari. I was aboul to find and import one of my bookmarks from firefox to Safari. But I only see one of my bookmark folders. I am so dumb founded were are all my other bookmark folders and way can I only see one of the folders. These bookmarks are on my tool bar on firefox and I see them all when in firefox. But when in Safari 4 and I goto import. I only see one of the folders. I have tried so many different things from dragging bookmark from one to anther with no luck. I have tried moving bookmarks to the folder I see in Safari imports but that dose not work. I have never in my life had a problem moving bookmarks to one browers to anther. I am so dumb founded. Please help. Thanks.

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    You're making it harder than it is; it's very simple.

    Export all your bookmarks from Firefox (Bookmarks > Organize Bookmarks); click on the icon for All Bookmarks on the left of that panel that opens, then click on the button with a "star" icon at the top of that panel and choose Export HTML. Name it something else if you don't like the default name, choose a destination to save it to and click Save.

    Open Safari, go to the File > Import Bookmarks... command and navigate to that file you just created, and choose it to import. Your bookmarks are now all imported into a single folder named "Imported Bookmarks" or something similar. From there you can drag any or all of them out and into toher folders or locations in Safari.
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    Thank You Thank You. It worked like a charm.