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This might be a dumb question but here it goes. How do I know the wifi works on my phone. Here's my problem: when in Airplane Mode with the wifi on and connected to my home network if I try to load a page in Safari it goes gray with the spinning gear telling me its trying to connect. If I'm standing if front of my Airport Extreme Base Station there is no lights signaling a transmission. (BTW, the AE is fine works with three other Macs in the house.) If I take the iPhone out of Airplane Mode and have the wifi on the page in Safari loads fine. In fact I can see the light blinking on the AE indicated its transmitting. So I'm puzzled here. Does the WiFi not work at all in Airplane Mode regardless if the wifi is on? Would this be a hardware or software issue. I tried the network reset on the phone but have had no luck in changing this situation. I don't know if this matters but where I live (southern Indiana) there is no 3G service so that's off on the phone. The phone connects with AT&T strictly on EDGE. Any ideas would be welcome.

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    First Airplane mode is when your on airplane to comply with the FFA regulation that no device transmit a signal. If you are in Airplane mode the cell/wifi/bluetooth transmitting formats are all turned off to be clear.

    You'll know wifi is working if your 3g/E icon at the top left corner beside the signal strength has turned into a signal icon representing the strength you are receiving your wireless connection.

    Check out this page for any clarification.
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    Also you can turn on wifi in airplane mode. It does turn it off initially but after you go into airplane mode all you have to do is go to the wifi setting and turn it back on. All other radios will be off but wifi will work.
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    I guess I wasn't clear. When I put the phone into Airplane and then turn on the wifi (this can be done) The wifi connects to my network, I get a full Airport signal in the menu bar, but it doesn't seem to connect. Pages in Safari just don't load. When I'm connected to my AE Base station with the EDGE on when I load a site up in Safari I can see the lights flashing on the AE, indicating its transmitting. However with the wifi on and the cell off there is no connection regardless what the Airport meter is telling me (no flashing lights on the AE.) I hope this clarifies my situation.
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    Have you already tried resetting the network settings after you put it in this mode?

    Settings->General->Reset->Reset Network Settings

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    OK, got it work today. At school I put the phone in airplane mode and turned the wifi back on. It connected to the school wifi which is a secure network (I had to type in my password) and boom, I was online while the EDGE was off. Must be a problem with my home Airport router, thanks to all who suggested things. And yes, reseting the network settings worked.