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This may be a simple question, but how do you copy your music in iTunes to a thumbdrive? I tried the obvious, that is SELECT ALL from within iTunes, and then dragged all the music over to the thumbdrive within FINDER, but it did not work.

mac book, Mac OS X (10.5)
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    Normally that works. Can you drag a track from iTunes to the Mac Desktop? (try just a couple as a test).

    If you want to copy your entire library, though, it may be just as easy to just drag the iTunes Music folder to your thumbdrive. This of course assumes that the entire library will fit.

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    Yes, I can drag a few songs at a time and it works OK. However, I got gigs worth of music and doing a few songs at a time would take forever.

    You mentioned dragging the whole itunes music folder...how do you do this (I apologize if this sounds intuitively obvious...
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    Just go into the finder, Music -> iTunes folder and there you will see the iTunes Music folder. You can simply drag and drop that folder from that location onto your thumb drive and copy the files over in the finder.