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I have been experimenting with push and fetch for iCal/mobileme calendar items.

With push on it behaves as expected, calendar entries on desktop or iphone appear within seconds on the other device.

With push off (and fetch set to 15 mins, and calendars to 'manual' in the advanced option under fetch settings) items added to either device also appear on the other one within seconds.

So what is the difference between push and fetch for calendar items?


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    The difference is the method used to sync the data. Fetch makes a request to sync data, while Push sends the data to all devices setup. You may have simply updated data moments before the Fetch request was made. More info on what you were attempting to discover with your experiment and the methods you used would be helpful.

    - Justin
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    My aim was to find out, in actual practice, the penalty for using fetch instead of push, with the aim of maximising battery life.

    With the phone on fetch 15 mins, I made a test entry on the Mac Pro and waited for it to appear on the phone. Then vice versa.

    First time Mac Pro to iPhone it was near instant. Think this was luck, being near the next fetch, subsequent have been within 15 mins.

    From iPhone to Mac Pro it is always near instant and doesn't seem wait for next fetch

    For my purposes Fetch 15 mins is fine. Interesting to see how much battery it saves compared to push.