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Actually I just want to know how to change my provider. Well as you will see I have no other option
a) I am in India. Apple iPhone is available from two providers here. Airtel and Vodafone. I purchased the Airtel iPhone.
b) I paid Rs31000 ($650) for iPhone 3G (8GB) and it is locked to Airtel. Given this and that I get only an EDGE network in India (no fault of Airtel) and a very limited data plan (restricted to 500MB and metered beyond that (of course without a track of current usage ).
c) Absolutely ridiculous signal almost everywhere in the city with the standard excuse that it is due to dense building construction. Signal issues have not been fixed by the provider for the last 3 years.
d) Phone is almost a lemon for the purpose of making calls or receiving calls.
e) Provider has almost 100 million customers with no incentive to resolve complaints.
f) Have filed multiple complaints with no satisfactory resolution.
g) The customer service is awful. There is no escalation procedure. The call center is a dead wall.

So given all the above I absolutely wish to switch providers.
And I wish to maintain the service warranties. I presume I am paying a premium on this phone for some good reason.

p.s. Since Airtel handles the iPhone support in India, I could not find any other option but to raise the issue here.

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    Since you purchased your iPhone as carrier locked with Airtel, it will be up to Airtel to unlock your iPhone to be used with another carrier's SIM card.

    Doubtful Airtel will do this and if not, your only other option will be to sell your iPhone to someone else and use the proceeds to purchase an iPhone with Vodafone as the carrier assuming the iPhone is also sold as carrier locked with Vodafone when purchased from Vodafone.
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    That does not look like a good option.. I think I want this phone unlocked. There is hardly anything the provider brings to the table (even the visual voicemail does not work).
    2 months back when I bought it, the Airtel gentleman specifically told me that no new models are expected immediately. And out comes iphone 3GS. For that price I don't even get a upgrade for any reasonable rate from this provider. (of course I should have checked the net for rumors instead of believing him - my fault).
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    Those are your only options.

    Since your iPhone was purchased from Airtel as carrier locked with Airtel, it is up to Airtel to unlock your iPhone.
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    Just realized that I never marked this as answered. Btw, I was able to convince my provider to have it unlocked. Just had to to send a long rant to the nodal officer of the provider.