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I have heaps of Mp3 audiobooks that I want to use with itunes, I have itunes BUT, I cannot put them into the Audiobook folder. The itunes will not allow me to. Instead it puts them into the Music folder as Mp3's and therefore on my nano ipod 3 they are not in chapter or file order.For example I will get parts of different audio books mixed and mashed in together.
Does anyone know how I can fix this problem as the main reason for the purchase of the ipod was to listen to Audiobooks???

Generic, Windows XP Pro, 3.2Mhz, 4gig ram
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    With iTunes 8.x you have the option to tell iTunes to treat any audio file as an audiobook. Simply select the tracks, *Get Info.*, then on the options tab set *Media kind* to Audiobook. You can also set options to *Remember playback position* and *Skip when shuffling*.

    Assuming, however, that the books consist of more than one file you may have problems if you plan to listen to them on an iPod. The Audiobooks feature was originally designed for books that have been stitched up into a single file and hasn't been updated to reflect the changes that make multi-track audiobooks easy to work with in iTunes. There are tools for creating iPod-friendly audiobooks for which Aldo on Audiobooks is probably the best reference. Personally I don't bother with the extra effort and just have an "Audiobooks" playlist folder containing sub-folders for each author and within these playlists for each audiobook. Although I still mark the files as Audiobooks when it comes to the iPod I ignore its Audiobooks section and use my own playlists for access.

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    I ended up doing what tt2 does. I did find a link that helps a little, but it is from an older version of itunes. Check it out:


    Now the problem that Im having is it wont let me "join tracks" anymore. I have 6 books that worked just fine and then today it wont let me join them anymore. Any ideas??