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  • dhcarl Level 1 Level 1
    Having all the same issues listed in this string. I've also noticed specifically the problem of accepting an appnt on the computer before it has hit my phone as a meeting request (like when I'm sitting right there at my computer). Then I get the appnt on my computer and a MESSAGE pops up on the phone (like a reminder), but no appnt (nor any request) is put in the phone's calendar.
    Wish we could just blame it all on Microsoft/Vista/Exchange... but Apple needs to step up and take care of this one.
    See related string/discussion: Topic : Cannot accept Calendar Invitations
  • Mara09 Level 1 Level 1
    Getting more complaints about this happening since going to the 3.0 version. Running Exchange 2003 and some are on 2007 now. Have tried removing calendar and then pushing it back down but not all events are re-populated. Most are executives and for the first time are thinking that the iPhone is not a reliable device for their calendar. It's hard to argue with that since we don't have a good reason why this is happening. Does anyone have a solution?
  • James Wesson Level 1 Level 1
    What we are seeing is different from the calendar issue but similar. Many of our clients are not receiving emails at all unless a specific set of criteria are met: the client must be logged in to Outlook or OWA. Then everything reaches the iPhone.
  • ChiTim Level 1 Level 1
    We've noticed in our company that if the recipient accepts the appointment but does NOT send a response to the organizer, it will not show up on the iPhone (we're using Exchange ActiveSync). If we do send a reply with acceptance, either the "Send Response" or "Edit Response Before Sending" option, it will show up. If we open existing appointments in Outlook which are not showing up on the iPhone and re-accept, sending a response to the organizer, it suddenly shows up.

    I'm not saying this is the cause of everyone else's problems or that it will solve your problems, but it seems to be fixing the issue for us.
  • pibod Level 1 Level 1
    I'm also having this problem--but it seems to only happen on meeting invitations that I create. Is any one else seeing this problem?
  • Col-Buff Level 1 Level 1
    If I accept the meeting request via iPhone, it shows up in outlook and iphone. If I accept the meeting via outlook, iphone has no knowledge of the meeting in my calendar. This is effecting all iphone users in my company and we where moving Blackberry to iPhones as a standard. I need a solution today or they will stop buying iphones. Is anyone listening?
  • pbw Level 1 Level 1
    Again, I highly encourage everyone to file a bug report to

    And tell all of your co-workers to do the same. It certainly won't hurt if you mention that this bug will prevent the adoption of the iPhone as a business tool.
  • Col-Buff Level 1 Level 1
    I submitted a bug report as well.
  • cheeser83 Level 1 Level 1
    I just filed a bug report about this. There are some people at our office that have noticed this. They are running iPhone 3G with 3.0, Windows XP, Outlook 2007, Exchange 2003.
  • handyall Level 1 Level 1
    I'm also having the same problem with meetings simply not showing up on the iPhone. It happens sometimes, but then calendar updates accepted in Outlook don't show up on the iPhone. I live by the calendar appts with the dozens of calls I have a day. Because of this issue, I have missed meetings and can no longer rely on my iPhone for the calendar. I've been able to have our corporate speech access system call me for appt reminders, but I'd rather look on my iPhone!

    This has only started with the iPhone 3.0 update. Given there wasn't a big change from Microsoft Exchange 2003 server recently, I suspect it's the ActiveSync implementation in the iPhone 3.0 software.
  • NigelC Level 1 Level 1
    Add me to the list of affected enterprise users. My new iPhone 3GS has not been seeing some meetings from my work Exchange calendar.

    I totally missed at least one meeting as a result of this issue. I have not figured out a pattern yet... why some meetings sync and others don't. My emails are unaffected... these come to the device flawlessly/quickly.

    The problem started with the OS 3.0 device... prior to that my 1st gen iPhone didn't run into this.

    Today I noticed one meeting wasn't being reflected on the iPhone, so I turned off Calendar sync in Settings... then turned it back on... this seemed to force the sync of the missing meeting. But, I'm in no mood to keep toggling calendar sync off/on as a workaround.

    I'll log another bug report... and lets hope this fix is rolled into 3.1...
  • leatherhead Level 1 Level 1
    Experiencing same problems here. Bug report raised with Apple.

    After speaking with Apple Support, they merely told me to factory reset the devices, this was done for 3 devices (including my own), the problem is still ongoing.

    Server details : Windows 2008 with Exchange 2007 SP1 Update Rollup 8, (applying 9 in a few weeks)
    iPhones; 3G & 3GS running 3.0.1 Firmware

    Hopefully the acknowledge there is a problem and work to rectify it through 3.1
  • EntropyDivides Level 1 Level 1
    Also seeing the issue with all 10 iPhones we have here. Calendar items do not make it onto the iPhone syncing with ActiveSync (over the air). Submitted bug report.

    Server running:
    Windows 2003 SP2
    Exchange 2003 SP2

    Model - 2, 3G, 3Gs,
    OS - 3.0, 3.0.1

    Windows Clients (not used in sync):
    Vista SP2
    Office 2007
  • bmarkenson Level 1 Level 1
    Has Apple acknowledged that this is an issue? I'd love them to let us know that they are aware of the problem and are working to fix it. Where do they post about known issues?

    Clearly, I have the same issue with Calendar events not displaying. I haven't tested the theory that it might be because I don't always send an acknowledgement to the meeting organizer yet.
  • shn750 Level 1 Level 1
    This is what I found. In outlook if you just click "accept" without sending a response, the meeting will not show up on the iphone but it will show on the Outlook calendar. Now if you accept the meeting and "send a response", it now shows up on the iphone. That's my workaround anyways..but it seems like a bug