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My new phone freezes periodically during phone calls. No response on touch, home button, or sleep button. Wait ten seconds in panic while you're hearing the person call your name and then hangs up. A few seconds later the home button works again. Has happened a number of times alread in three days of ownership.
Have restored defaults and reset phone several times.

3Gs, iPhone OS 3.0
  • takemine2 Level 1 Level 1
    My phone has been doing the same thing ever since I got it. About ready to throw it out my car window while driving 75mph.
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    keenanjay wrote:
    Have restored defaults and reset phone several times.

    if you have restored and setup as NEW PHONE and it still does it best get a replacement device!
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    takemine2 wrote:
    My phone has been doing the same thing ever since I got it. About ready to throw it out my car window while driving 75mph.

    Not a good idea: Likely to fly back and hit you in the face!

    I agree with the above poster. That should not be happening .. though, if driving and using a bluetooth hands-free device, the problem could lie there.

    The only times I've lost calls have been traceable to driving through a poor signal area, and that is very rare. Get your 3GS replaced!

  • takemine2 Level 1 Level 1
    My issue is not with blue tooth as I am not using it with this phone. When I'm in the middle of a call, at some point my cheek will touch the screen. When I realize that we can't communicate, I pull the phone away from my face and see that I have either muted the call or put them on hold. It is at that point when my phone will go black and I can't do anything with the phone. The screen will not come back up, won't do anything for about 10 - 20 seconds until I hear a click. Then I can bring up the screen on the phone and remake my phone call. It is VERY aggravating and it happens a lot! The new upgrade did not correct this.
  • takemine2 Level 1 Level 1
    I believe I found my answer! After entering a few right keywords, I found that there is a sensor on the upper left of the iPhone 3GS. I had the first generation phone and used its Speck Toughskin cover for it. The Apple Salesperson told me that it would not work with the new phone BUT, he did not tell me WHY! My Toughskin cover completely covered the sensors. Therefore, when I placed my calls, it could not tell where the phone was in relation to my face and would not turn the screen off. Then, my cheek would touch the screen, muting my call or putting the call on hold. When I pull the phone away, the screen would shut down.

    Getting the proper cover for my phone, my calls now works like a charm!
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    That solved my issue as well. I couldn't figure out why the screen would come on when I got the phone up to my ear but when I pulled it away from my head it would turn off.

    Turns out its my 1st gen iPhone case. I may punch some holes for the sensors until my new cases come in.
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    Thank you, I came here with the exact same problem concerning the screen staying on and the touchscreen being active when I was making a call. I removed my cover and felt silly that I hadn't thought of that before.
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    I had the same problems as the original poster and got the same response from an Apple employee today -- I was still using my original iPhone case with my 3GS. I've now snipped away the part covering the 3GS sensors; we'll see if that fixes it.

    I went in expecting a new phone and was a little peeved because it seemed like an excuse, but I hope she's right. I wonder how many replacement iPhones Apple gave away before figuring this out?