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For some reason my search feature is not working right now. It searches the entire apple site instead of this one support topic.

At any rate, I dont use my iPod touch on a regular basis for my email, however I DO use it.
What happens is my email account get stuffed full of emails. I can go to my inbox > edit, then manually select each individual email, then hit Delete - but I literally have several HUNDRED emails I need to go through to do this. I have already deleted these emails online from the server, but apparently my iPod already has them.

How can I just Delete All of my email messages to clean it up like I can do on my Mac?
I dont see anyway to do it right now, and going through all of them will literally take hours I would guess.

I'm sure there is a way to do it because that would be ridiculous if there isnt - I just cant seem to be able to figure it out right now.

Any ideas?

iPod Touch 2nd gen, iPhone OS 3.0