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I'm lovin my new 13" MacBook Pro (I'll be sharing more interesting topics later) but for right now I have a quick question.

This is my first computer with a backlit keyboard and it rocks! I'm sitting typing this sitting on my deck outside in the dark! lol. Anyways, to prevent draining the battery, I have the "timer" set in the Keyboard section of system preferences to automatically turn off the baclklit keys after 1 min of not being use. That works fine because after a minute of not being used, they turn off. HOWEVER, when I go to use them again, I try and start typing and they don't come back on??? Is this normal? I then have to scramble around hitting every F key trying to find the one that manually turns the key lights back on. And then when I do that, they don't automatically turn off again!

Am I doing something wrong here? I thought that after not being use they would turn off, and then when I started typing again they would come back on? Maybe I'm expecting too much? I don't know.

Any info or suggestions on this would be great!


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