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How do I email a voice memo made on my iPhone using Voice Memos provided with OS3 via my Mac's iTunes?

I used my iPhone to record my son's first public appearance in his brass band last night. The recording lasts six minutes, too big to send by email from the iPhone to his doting grandmother. I synced my iPhone and on my Mac I found the audio file in the Voice Memo playlist in iTunes, which was fine. But I don't seem to be able to email it to Grandma so she can hear him carrying the bass section on his tuba, and can't find a help document on this. I understand that emailing copyrighted music would be legally problematical, but this is a voice file recorded on an iPhone paired with the Mac. Am I missing something, or has Apple not provided this function?

I've also posted this in the iTunes forum

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    If you sync your phone and then open your main music library you'll see the voice memo in the list. The file name will be the date and time it was made.
    Just drag it from the iTunes window to the desktop.
    Now you can email it if you like.
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    I have dozens and dozens of playlists in iTunes, the "Voice Memo" one is next to the bottom of the list. But that is where the memos get saved on my Mac. That is why I hadn't found it till you suggested I look for it in the source list, that it was actually transferred to the iTunes library.

    I never would have made it that far down the list. I would have expected it in a special list like my Movies, TV Shows, or Podcasts at the top of the list, right under the library.

    Thanks. Joel.