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I have the G4 Cube with Tiger server on it and I recently got the WNR384B router from netgear. I already have a modem/router from sky but I don't get a good signal. I have the netgear router set as an access point but I was wondering if I could have a better setup. My question is, can I use a USB bus powered USB ADSL modem and then connect the router to the Cube and share the internet that way? Then I could use a firewall on the cube and have the router to share the internet. Do I have to start the DHCP service on the Cube or should I leave that on the router? Any other settings I have to change?

Thank you very much on advance for any replies.

MacBook Pro 15.4" 2.4, Mac OS X (10.5.6), Windows XP Boot Camp (Unfortunately), G4 500Mhz Cube Mac OS X 10.4.11 Server
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    From what I have found while looking around the computer I can do it with gateway setup assistant. I can even connect to my modem router through airport, and then connect my netgear router on my cubes ethernet port. My main problem is setting up all the ip addresses like internet ip router ip, gateway ip and dns. Basically the gateway ip ithat I get from gateway setup assistant is not accepted by the router and if I change the ip from the setup assistant it wouldn't be accepted by the computer. A couple of questions I have as well are if I will connect the cubes ethernet to the internet port of my router or one of the other ports on the router, and do I use a normal ethernet cable or a reversed?