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I hope someone can help, my itunes is running painfully slow since I got my new computer. it can take up to 5 mins to scroll down 1 page, which is obviously quite a nuisance. Itunes was running just fine on my last computer, however, since I've installed and updated it on my new one, it seems to be going way too slow. I've uninstalled/reinstalled 3 times, and even been in touch with tech support on the phone to no avail. Hopefully someone here can lend a hand. Also, I was wondering if anyone can tell me the default download destination from the itunes store on a PC. Thanks.

Windows Vista
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    Welcome to AD!

    The default download folder on Vista is this path
    c:\Users\[your username]\Music\iTunes\iTunes Music\

    iTunes uses a temporary folder named Downloads when it gets purchases. Then after the fies is downloaded, itunes processes it and puts it in the Artist/Album folder.

    No idea why itunes is running so slow. Most new PCs come with Norton/Symantec preinstalled. You might check its settings to make sure it's not monitoring the itunes folders.
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    thanks for the reply, however I was referring more to apps and updates downloads as opposed to music. For example, I downloaded the update to OS 3.0, and can't find the file anywhere.
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    Apps download to a folder named Mobile Applications. I assume the phone update would also go there, but since I don't have an iPhone, can't verify that.

    You could do a Start > Search for files or folders created or modified since yesterday.
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    does anyone have any suggestions or ideas about the slow speed of itunes?
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    i'm seeing many people in the forums with the exact same issue, yet nobody seems to have an answer for them. is itunes just going down-hill?
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    Several versions ago, Apple introduced Folders to iTunes to help organize Playlists. It slowed iTunes down so much, I almost stopped using iTunes but I found a post that suggested eliminated Folders and, just like that, iTunes was speedy again. I currently have nearly a TB of Music, Movies and TV Shows running on a lowly G5 iMac with my Library on an external Firewire 400 Drive. If you are using Folders, get rid of them, it might fix your issue. Good Luck.
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    I found the problems!!! If you have Kaspersky 2010 as anti-virus software it slows down Itunes 9. Uninstall your anti-virus and reinstall Itunes 9. It worked for me.