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Antony D'Emanuele Level 2 Level 2
We had a power failure yesterday and I want to check that my TC disk is OK. I tried running Disk First Aid but it seemed to take ages and did not complete after 12 hours. How do you test/repair a TC hard disk??


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  • eDavid1 Level 1 Level 1
    Hi Antony. I think my first thought might be whether you are still able to complete time machine backups, enter time machine and browse/restore files or write to the disk itself? I think Disk Utility is the first thing I would attempt for Time Capsule disk repair. The next thing I might consider would be to use the fsck_hfs utility (terminal command) or a third-party utility such as Disk Warrior to attempt a repair. If all fails then we may be talking hardware fault after the power failure, and for those sorts of things you need to contact Apple support or a non-Apple authorised support service.
  • Antony D'Emanuele Level 2 Level 2
    I can complete backups, but I want to check that nothing has been damaged such as the catalog file or volume information. Backups can continue when these are damaged and can lead to issues further down the line. How do I use the fsck on the TC? Thanks.
  • eDavid1 Level 1 Level 1
    Hi Antony. A good sign that you can complete the backups, means that the backup is probably useful still, can check this by attempting a file restore perhaps. As for checking, this is where some of the third-party utilities can be useful and easy. If going the route of say fsck_hfs command, then perhaps enter into the terminal: +fsck_hfs -f /dev/disk2s2+ (location of the Time Capsule disk for me). The -f forces the check and repair of journaled HFS+, might be quite slow to complete.