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Okay well I was the guy who has been posting comments like this for the last few days: "Not sure why you're having so many problems, my new 3GS is working perfectly!"

Last night with 70% of my battery remaining the phone just went dead. Completely. Totally unresponsive to all button presses, etc. I tried plugging it in, and nothing happened for 10 minutes. Finally I went to bed and decided to leave it charging.

10 hours later still no response. I got the bright idea to take a pin and press on the little hole by the power button. Pressed that, then tried turning it on. No luck. Pressed it again and held it for 10 seconds. Tried turning it on. No luck.

Plugged it back in to the wall and voila .... i got the "low battery charging" graphic on the phone, finally. In other words, it was completely dead, and wouldn't charge, but was showing 70% left when it died.

I have read reports of the battery not properly showing how much life is left, and there is a guy who brought his in to the store and it died right in front of the "Genius" rep. They couldnt get it to turn back on either.

I dare say if you dont run into it now, you may run into it later. I can see why people are talking about a recall. Not sure how this could be fixed with a software update but we'll see.

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    I think it might just be a one off because something similar happened to my old 3g before. I had 100 percent battery and it had been like that all day and I thought the battery was doing really well and not long after it all of a sudden said "low battery 10 percent left." when it died I recharged it fully and it never happend again.
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    The little hole on the top of the phone is to eject the SIM.
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    Then pressing the hole wasn't tied to it working.

    So three problems here:

    1) Incorrect battery life showing (seen many reports of this. more with 3GS)
    2) Phone unable to be turned on or charged after it goes dead.
    3) Phone randomly beginning to charge after 10 hours of failing to do so.
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    I went to a bar with my ipod touch and it was working fine then about 2-3 hours later i went to use it and it wouldnt turn on, not even the sign that tells you that you have to charge it. About an hour later it was fine.
    Weird, huh?
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    Last night while charging my iPhone in the car it went from 70 to 50 to 23 to dead. It was draining not charging. I also sometimes leave it over night and wake up with it at 95%. or 98. Strange.

    The activity status program I have says 94% - discharging

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    Same problem happened to my new 3GS white, I took it back to apple store and they replaced it with a brand new phone. 2 days later and it is happening to my new phone as well.

    It will go randomly dead and not responding to any button pressed, then later it will respond again and comes back to life. It is really strange that it is happening to the new unit as well as the old unit. It is happening before the 3.01 update as well as after.