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I have had an iphone before they even hit the uk market never had one bit of bother with it in the slightest, unfortunately I dropped this one and the screen shattered so bought another one just a few months ago. Had it for a couple of weeks then..... ooops I dropped it down the toilet being a devoted iphone customer i sent it off and they sent me a replacement phone at a cost of £140 this is where the problems started the phone they sent me wouldn't work kept on needing restored so it got sent away for repair eventually got a replacement phone had it back for a day and guess what!!?? the wifi doesn't work so its back yet again!! The man at the local O2 shop couldnt give a toss either. I have looked and looked on the web and i cant find an e-mail address to send in a complaint, apple is very good at selling you the products but not the best at giving you complaint procedures!! Does anyone have the e-mail address?

iPhone OS 3.0