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Hi guys

I have just recently purchased an iPhone 3GS 32GB Black, and I am experiencing problems with connecting to WIFI networks. I have a wireless connection at home and one minute I am connected to the network just fine and the next it has just totally disappeared. At first I suspected that the issue may be down to my router, as I have never previously experienced this problem with my first gen iPhone or my iPhone 3G.

But it seems that the router is working fine as I have been browsing the internet on my laptop while my iPhone 3GS is still not acknowledging the existence of the same network. However, sometimes suddenly it will decide to connect to the network at it's own will, so one minute I'm on edge and the next on the WIFI.

What is also annoying is that when I do manage to get a connection I can be sitting on the same spot and initially I may have three bars on the WIFI icon at the top of the screen, and this will fluctuate between two and one bars when I am not even moving so the connection shouldn't be disrupted.

Just to make sure that it wasn't a problem with my home wireless connection, I have tried this out at my friend's house who has WIFI and I still have the same issues. I have even tested to see if I would have the same problem on a public network so I attempted to connect to the network at my University. Although I managed to connect to the network, it did not take long for my iPhone 3GS to decide that that connection was no longer available.

Has anyone else experienced similar issues. I'm just curious to know whether it's a general fault or maybe it's just my handset or possibly some sort of settings/software problem. Either way it is quite odd that I am experiencing these problems with my iPhone 3GS as I did not have any such issues with either of the first gen iPhone or the iPhone 3G.

Please can somebody get back to me on this. Look forward to reading your comments.

Kind Regards

Anees Younis

iPhone 3GS 32GB Black, iPhone OS 3.0
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