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  • gmalcangi Level 1 (0 points)
    There is something definitely wrong and I think it must be with Apple's OS. Sometimes my 3Gs is fine and sometimes it just won't recognise that a WiFi network even exists. However, use WiFiFoFum and it detects the network at full strength (all bars), back to Settings|WiFi and no networks detected. I can log on to the network though using WiFiFoFum, after which the Settings|WiFi also picks it up. Problem is though that WiFiFoFum is not too good at remembering networks so I often have to get the network password and enter it again = pain in the ....

    Sometimes my 3Gs will sit for hours at full strength on my network other times the connection is real flakey and I end up running WiFiFoFum several times a day. This is a real problem for me as I often don't notice that my 3Gs has dropped the WiFi connection and is eating into my 3G allowance. I know it's not my WiFi network as my computer works fine all the time and also I have had the same problem with my 3Gs on several other WiFi networks. I've also got an old 2G iPhone, which sits there happilly at full strength all the time, rather like the wise old man smiling knowingly at the young upstart!

  • Miss Saigon Level 1 (0 points)
    i as well started having problems with my tells me it's unable to connect to my router which it has before...what's going on!!!!! it doesn't connect to any wireless network!!!!!
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    I'm having the same problem, and I've been having it since I downloaded the 3.0 software onto my 2G iPhone. Just got home with my 3G S, I've entered in the key for my network, and it'll connect for a moment before returning me to 3G. When I try to go online in Safari, it asks for my network password again. This is... on the irritating side. I've got to conclude, since I was experiencing the same problem with the 3.0 OS on my 2G, that it's a software issue and not a hardware issue. As such, I'd hope that Apple gets it fixed. I'm not surfing the 'net on my phone very often at home (I have a laptop and desktop for that), but it doesn't remove the fact that there's an issue here.

    Apple, please fix?
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    I, too, am very frustrated with wifi connectivity. My phone "discovers" my home network repeatedly and asks me to enter my password. It behaves well for a while an stays on wifi, then I change to a new app, say Safari and it happens all over again.

    Often, I'll enter my very long password, just to have the connection fail.

    Background - I just upgraded from and 3G to a 3GS. Before, I could rely on wifi without thinking about it.
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    where is the **** fix?!?!
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    *Possible fix???*

    I have the 3Gs and as well have the wireless problem. My wife has the 3G and side by side her iPhone keeps the connections as mine loses it. I went to the Apple store and the Genius ran diagnosis on my phone and found nothing wrong with it. There wasn't a wireless connection at the store to connect to. He mentioned since the 3Gs phone just came out, there isn't much feedback yet. So, he said to give it a few weeks and come back. I found these post yesterday and tried some of the suggestions on how to maybe fix the issue. I tried setting a static IP as mentioned by SteveCWatkins. That didn't work for me. I continued to play with the phone and I noticed I had *bluetooth off and and data roaming off*. I put both of those on and left the static setting for the wireless connection. So far, it has worked. It's only been a day, but it has maintained the wireless connection. I don't know if it was the combination of settings or which one did it.
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    I have the new iPhone and just started having wifi issues yesterday. At first it was going in and out, now I've lost it completely.

    I hope a fix comes out soon. This is causing me to rethink purchasing a anything else from Apple.
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    I also have an iPhone 3GS (32Gb) and am getting problems with WEP connections. Our corporate wireless uses a Cisco wireless router and it won't connect.

    At home, my Netgear router connects fine using a 128bit passphrase.

    Very annoying.

    Is there an expected release date for 3.1? My MD is getting an iPhone 3GS in the next week or so and won't be best pleased if this doesn't work for him
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    I am having the same issue but only on my home network. At home I have to log into my corp wpa2 hidden network EVERYTIME whereas before my iphone 3g (now a 3gs) would find it and log me in and stay connected.
    The strange thing is that at work with the same hidden network (same name, setup and everything), it works constantly.
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    I have a new 32gb G3S and im stuck out on the road with no WiFi connectivity at all. It sees the available WiFi networks and u can join them. The signal strength appears fine in the display, but I just get a message saying I'm not connected as soon as I launch Safari. Rebooting doesnt help, nor hard reset. This is a joke, Apple! I am returning this phone and going back to my 3G with the older operating system. Very disappointed in quality control at Apple these days.
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    "Very disappointed in quality control at Apple these days."

    Me too...
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    Agreed... 3.0 is bad in many ways.... I loved my iphone 3g up until installing 3.0 now it's plagued with bugs! I've done Reset Network settings numerous times, reset All settings as well a boat load of times, erased and reset my Exchange profile. Tried with Bluetooth on and off.... Wifi is flakey at best, my Exchange server sometines simply stops pushing emails among many other annoyances....

    I've even went as far as doing the Erase all Content and Settings option, waiting the hour for it to wipe the phone and then restore as new 3.0 and the issues persist..... This phone was FLAWLESS up until I installed 3.0 Firmware. Apple NEEDs to acknowledge this widespread issue plaguing many users and get it fixed. Right now this tool is costing me way too much time everyday simply troubleshooting things that should just work. I want a 2.2.1 rollback plan or a 3.1 release soon.
  • macho_man Level 1 (10 points)
    I get inconsistencies with my wi-fi connection. im using a netgear wpn824v2. this never happened on my 3G. im really starting to feel i wasted a lot of money on the 3G S. Every upgrade for me in iphone has been a pain in the ***. I'm starting to think i should just sell this and get the original 2G which i had 2 years ago. it had no problems what so ever. ever since 3g i have been in apple store genius bar every month. yellow screens, dropped calls on 3g network, battery dying, cracks developing on the back and touch sensors dying. Didn't have 1 issue with original iphone. The only advantage on 3G S is its speed. thats it.
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    Joetherod, it's possible with Data Roaming on, your using the 3G network of other networks... and building up some fee's (it might be using that instead of trying to use wifi)... I could be wrong, but just thought I'd mention it.

    Kind Regards