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I have only had my Mac since Christmas and love it . I am new so bear with me . I am trying to determine if i have Adobe acrobat reader Installed . Does it come on my mac . If i click on a Pdf document on a web site it opens no problem . If i print i have the Pdf option . But this is my problem . My daughter was here and into a web site . She Tried to download a form to send in medical expenses . I seems to be in the download file folder. When we tried to click on it it was alot of scramble . Do I have a reader or do i need to download one . Not sure of anything

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    Adobe Reader does not come with Mac's anymore. It used to but that was many years ago. Mac's come with Preview.app, located in your Applications folder. There is also a pdf view in Safari's web browser that allows you to view the pdf as a web page. If you still feel the need to use Adobe Readed, I believe it is a free donwload from Adobe.


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    Thanks Glynn If I understand you when I get a Pdf file by e-mail or want to open one in say a travel web site its preview that is allowing me to do this . If I go to a web site like the one my daughter was on and need to download a form i may need adobe acrobat reader if the site was designed that way . If i download reader will it interfer with preview working
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    If you don't want Acrobat Reader to open web based pdf's then>Acrobat Reader>Preferences>Internet. Uncheck the box 'Display PDF in browser using:'