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Just got an ipod shuffle for my birthday. Love the sound but the darn earphones are too big for my ear.
My wife has the same problem. Seems to me, Apple should give at least make good on earphones that
actually work with a brand new product. It was purchased with the assumption that I'ed be able to use it straight out of the box. Not have to purchase an additional product to make it work. Smells of Microsoft.

imac G5, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    they fit my ear and the ears of all of my family and friends, you might just have small ears. Try buying some over ear head phones those work for any ear size.
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    i haev this issue with most hard plastic headphones, as do a number of my friends. it seems they are designed so that we need to part with our money a little more. sony erricson gives you foam nice headphones with their top phones, but their cheaper phones have big plastic ones that fall out of your ear, as does my latest samsung 'walkman' phone, and as does my shuffle. although, the shuffle is slightly smaller than these two phone headphones but nonetheless two large for my ears.
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    I also got the new small Ipod Shuffle for my birthday. There is one set of compatable earphones available and they cost more than the Ipod shuffle, and still may not fit. An over the ear model is not available. An adapter was suppose to come out in mid-July but it is still not available. I would also like to use the Ipod Shuffle in my car and again, this is not possible. I'm very disappointed and hurt. My daughter was laid off and used what money she had to get me what she thought was a nice a present. She is profoundly deaf and doesn't understand music or Ipod's other than they are popular and she wanted to do something nice for her Mom. Very dissappointed an adapter is still not available.