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Drake Bradley Level 1 (90 points)
My Superdrive -- not so Super as of late -- has been generating write errors when I try to burn CD's or DVD's:

Operation could not be completed: 0X800200E (CD)
Medium write error: (CD)
Error: 0X8002006D (DVD)
Unexpected Error: 0X8002006D (DVD)
Error during verification: 0X80020063 (CD)

"Unexpected error" is really an oxymoron -- is there any other kind?

I've trashed 10 CDs and DVDs experimenting with ways to get burn to work. I can sometimes get CD's to burn at 8X speed, but not always. The higher speed never works. I've used several brands of CD's on the possibility I got a bad batch, but that makes no difference. Burning DVD's doesn't work at any speed with the tests I have done so far.

All of which sounds like the Superdrive is dying. It has never worked very well: it has always taken way too long for inserted CD's/DVD's to mount, with lots of thrashing. But before buying a new (not-so-)Superdrive, I thought I would see if anyone has suggestions about how to salvage the current one. Perhaps part of the problem is with software. I became suspicious of this today when I discovered something really odd. Burning a CD of photos at the slower (8X) speed, the burn completed successfully and the CD icon mounted on the desktop. I could open the CD and then open the photos on the CD. So far so good. Ok, so now I eject the CD and reinsert it. And instead of mounting as a CD with the label I gave it, it mounts as a blank CD with the label "Untitled CD.fpbf" and opening it reveals an empty burn window, not the contents of the photo CD that should be there. If I take this same CD and insert it into a PC, the CD mounts fine and the photos can be seen.

So somehow, the Mac OS is unable to recognize a CD it burned successfully, whereas a Windows machine is able to mount the same CD with no problem. Crazy, huh? (Rebooting my iMac did not make it able to mount the inserted CD correctly; instead it still mounts as a blank CD.)

Any suggestions would be welcome. For the time being I can live with burning at 8X, but I sure want to be able to see the results in my own machine!


2.1 GHz PowerPC G5, 512 MB Ram, Mac OS X (10.4.11), Casio Exilim digital camera, HP 3420 printer, Iomega 250 GB HDD, Bose speakers
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