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The phone was working fin till today. I recently got the phone replaced by apple under warranty. Now the phone is not working at all. First i cant listen or talk to callers unless I'm on speaker phone. I cant charge the phone or connect to the computer to do a restore. I already restarted the phone like a billion times and nothing...


3G, iPhone OS 3.0
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    Here's the procedure for forcing the iPhone into Recovery Mode which should leave it in a state where you can then use iTunes to initiate a Restore. After the Restore you should be able to reload your data into the iPhone from your most recent Backup, and then Sync to get your music and such into the iPhone.


    If even this procedure doesn't work for you then your replacement iPhone needs to be replaced yet again.
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    Thanks for the tip...
    but no luck!

    guess i need to go to apple store yet again!
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    Did the iPhone not go into Recovery Mode? If so, reread the instructions again. If you can't force the iPhone into Recovery Mode there's really nothing else you can do except get it serviced.

    If it DID go into Recovery Mode but iTunes is still not seeing it, be sure you are using a USB 2.0 socket on the computer itself, and not on, say, a USB keyboard or a USB hub.
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    the iphone dindt went to recovery